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How to Use our Wax Heaters

Apr 06, 2018
How to Use our Wax Heaters

A Wax Heater is a device that melts wax, whether soft or hard wax and keeps it at an optimal application temperature. Heaters are essential for any esthetician or mobile therapist if they want to offer truly professional service; any other devices or methods to heat wax are less than ideal.

Professionals have a wide range of wax heaters to choose from according to the type of wax they are going to work with and even the number of clients they are going to attend to, and Beauty Image has a variety of devices that adjust perfectly to professional needs. This post is a walkthrough of Beauty Image's high-quality wax heaters.

Beauty Image's Wax Heaters

Beauty Image's wax heaters are designed and manufactured by CEMSA, our primary office in Barcelona, Spain. They are the perfect complement to our proprietary soft and hard waxes since both products offer high quality and convenience. Each one of our wax heaters is modern, durable, and easy to use and maintain.

The three main types of wax heaters Beauty Image offers are European wax heaters (the classic pot-type of warmer), roll-on heaters/applicators, and combo warmers (to warm different types of wax at once). Here are the most important features and directions of use for our wax heaters.

European Wax Warmer / European Wax Heater 1.1 Gallons
European Wax heaters are classic warmers. Straightforward and easy to use, they are perfect to use in your salon. These useful devices can heat soft wax and hard wax alike and keep them at an optimal temperature for use. The European Wax Heater 1.1 Gallons has very similar parts and directions as the original European Wax Warmer. Their main difference is that larger amounts of wax can be warmed at once, which makes it perfect for busy salons.
To use these warmers, you must follow different steps according to the type of wax you are going to melt.
First, plug the heater into the outlet. As much as possible, plug the heater directly into an outlet, try not to use adapters, pegs or extensions.

If you are using soft wax, put the can in the heater. If you are using hard wax, load the pot that comes with the heater with the hard wax and use the pot lid to improve heating efficiency.

Next, switch on the luminous switch at the back of the wax heater. This indicator stays steady red to signal that the thermostat is working to keep the wax at the right temperature.

To start the heater, rotate the thermostat knob clockwise all the way to the maximum temperature and wait around 20 minutes for soft wax and 25-30 minutes for hard wax to take the right consistency and temperature.
Do not forget to turn back the knob halfway counter-clockwise; this is to keep the wax warm while you use it.

Double Hard Wax Facial Warmer
This heater is a wonderful option for professional use. It is very practical as it allows to heat soft wax and hard wax simultaneously.

The use is very similar to European Wax Heaters. Put a soft wax can or a pot with hard wax in the heater, then turn on the luminous switch and turn the thermostat knob to the maximum. The waiting time for the wax to be ready for use is the same, between 20 and 30 minutes depending on the amount of wax and the type of wax that needs to be melted. If you are melting hard wax, it is advisable to keep the lid on the pot to improve the efficiency of the heating process.

Once the wax is melted, it can be kept at an appropriate temperature by turning the knob back halfway. This will lower the heat and keep the temperature at an appropriate level.

Roll-On Heater Applicator
This convenient device is the best for direct application of soft wax. It provides convenient, quick, and effective waxing that leaves no mess.

The use of this applicator is very straightforward. Plug the feeding cable of the applicator and into an outlet. Then, remove the cap and place a Beauty Image Roll-on. We recommend using only Beauty Image roll-ons on this device since it has been designed for them, and any manufacturer difference might cause malfunctions. The roll-on needs to be well placed in the device; make sure it is correctly installed.

A wait of 20 to 30 minutes will be enough for the wax to be ready. At the end of this time, unplug the applicator; never use it while plugged. The wax will stay at an optimum temperature for about 30 to 40 minutes, which is enough for most waxing procedures. In case you have to use the applicator beyond this time, plug it back into an outlet and allow it to heat for around 5 to 10 minutes.
Do not remove the roll-on from the heater applicator while using! It will get cold.

Double Base for Roll-on Heater Applicator
This base allows two roll-ons to be heated at once to help the professional save time. Regular roll-on bases and mini-roll on heaters can both be used on this base. For optimal functioning, use the double base heater only with Beauty Image roll-ons.

If you are using the individual applicator on a double base, the directions are a bit different. First, plug the Double Base into an outlet. Next, remove the cap of the Roll-on Applicator and connect it to the base. Once the applicator is plugged into the double base, you can put a roll-on inside the applicator. Wait between 20 and 30 minutes for the wax to heat to the appropriate temperature. Once this is done, you can unplug the base and remove the individual applicators. In case you need the applicators for longer than 40 minutes, you can plug the double base and connect each applicator to the slot again to warm up for 5 to 10 minutes.

Base for 8 Roll-ons
Every professional needs one of these practical devices which allow heating 8 roll-ons at once. The heater is made up of two rows of four roll-ons each. The front row is where the roll-ons that are currently being used should be placed. The back row is meant to keep four roll-ons on standby for pre-heating.

A wonderful feature of this base is that each roll-on slot can be turned on and off individually. The red switches located at the front indicate which slots are on.

You can follow the same steps as in the Double Base. Simply plug the base and connect the roll-ons to each slot; then choose which ones to turn on by using the individual red switches in the front row. The roll-ons should stay 30 minutes in the front row before they are ready for use. Once you are ready to use the roll-ons in the back row, you must connect them into front slots that have freed up so that the heating process can be completed, and they reach optimal temperature.

Combi-Wax Heater
This is the ultimate heater by Beauty Image. This versatile device allows the preparation of several types of wax at the same time. One soft wax can, and three roll-ons can be heated independently or at the same time.


The first step to use this heater is plugging it to the power supply. Like with the other wax heaters, you can then switch on the luminous indicator on the side. To heat up roll-ons, simply place the roll-ons in the slot and leave them for about 30 minutes. Once they are heated, you can remove them from the slots and place them in a plastic holder for application.

If you want to heat a soft wax can, place the can directly in the pot and move the temperature dial to the maximum. Leave the can to heat for about 20 minutes. To keep the wax warm, move the dial back to the middle position like you would on our other classic warmer models.
Warnings and Maintenance

All our wax heaters have similar warning directions and maintenance. It is very easy to care for and clean our devices with these tips:

  • Always check that the tension of the power supply corresponds to the one that the heater needs. The wrong power tension might damage the device.
  • In case of malfunction, unplug the heater and return the knob and switch to their original positions. Do not attempt to fix it yourself, as this could leave the warranty ineffective.
  • Do not pull the cable to unplug the device, and don't handle the device or any of its components with wet hands or wet/bare feet. Keep the device away from water; this includes no water for cleaning the device.
  • Keep the device away from heat sources and hot surfaces and allow it to cool down before any manipulation to avoid the risk of burns.
  • Keep the device unplugged while it's not being used. Any damage done to the device for bad manipulation is not the manufacturer's responsibility; therefore, the warranty becomes ineffective in such cases.
  • To clean your device, unplug the heater from the power supply and check the pot, the outside cover, and the knobs for wax remains. Use a post-depilatory oil or lotion to remove excess wax; never use solvents, bleach, or other harsh cleaning products and tools to remove wax.

Warranty by Beauty Image

All our wax heaters have a six-month guarantee since the date of purchase, which entitles the owner to free replacement or repair of the device unless the malfunction has been caused by mishandling, the use of the wrong power supply or the intervention of non-authorized technicians.

The client needs to present the purchase date and the original purchase invoice of the product in order to receive technical assistance and make use of the warranty.

Beauty Image isn't only a reference for the highest-quality waxes, it is also a leader in waxing accessories. We provide you with the best wax heaters and the finest waxes to treat your clients. Test the quality of our wide variety of heaters and choose the one that best suits your requirements. Our equipment is perfect for professional use and it will surely become an essential in your salon. Get in touch with us by calling TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or filling out the Contact form. If you wish to have our beauty blog posts, tips, and maintenance guides for estheticians sent straight to your inbox, subscribe to our newsletter. Also, don't forget to find us on Facebook as Beauty Image USA, and follow us on Twitter @BeautyImageUSA, and Instagram @beautyimageusa.

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