European Wax Warmer

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Our European Wax Warmer is designed to effortlessly warm wax to your desired temperature. This warmer caters to soft wax cans of 14.1 oz and 28.2 oz (using the included soft wax can adapter), making it an essential tool for your waxing needs.

For soft wax cans, utilize the included metal adapter, place the soft wax can on top, and let the heater work its magic. For warming hard wax, it is as simple as placing it in a hard wax aluminum pot (sold separately).

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Key Features:

  • Crafted with a durable and resistant plastic exterior, our European Wax Heater guarantees long-lasting performance in any big or small salon or spa environment.
  • Accommodates hard wax with the use of an aluminum wax pot (not included) and Sweet Dreams Hard Wax Can, offering versatility for different waxing preferences.
  • The thermostat button features preset temperatures for optimal melting, ensuring consistent and reliable performance every time.
  • Includes a soft wax can adapter, allowing for seamless integration of soft wax cans of any size into your waxing routine.
  • Compact in size with dimensions measuring 6 x 9½ x 5 inches, this heater is designed to fit conveniently into your workspace without compromising functionality.
  • This product is backed by a six-month warranty.

  • Plug the heater into the power supply.
  • Add desired wax quantity directly in the heater.
  • Turn heater on. Rotate thermostat dial clockwise to its maximum position. After approximately 20 minutes, the wax will be completely melted and ready for use.
  • To maintain heat, turn dial to the middle position or to your desired temperature.


Security Warning

  • Before using this heater for the first time, read instructions carefully to ensure best and safest use. Please hold onto instructions for future consultation.
  • Before using the heater, verify that the tension of the power supply corresponds with what is suitable for the heater.
  • In the event that the power supply is either too intensive or insufficient for the use of the machine, please contact a qualified electrician for assistance.
  • We discourage the use of adapters, pegs, and/or extension cables. If these items are necessary, only use simple or multiple adapters and/or extension cable.
  • This heater should only be used for professional and/or domestic waxing hair removal. Any other use is considered inadequate and dangerous.
  • In the event of malfunctioning and/or bad operation of the heater, turn it off - do not try to fix it. If this instruction is not followed, the security of the device will be put in danger. In the event of a needed repair, request a replacement from the supplier where the heater was originally acquired.
  • The manufacturer won't be responsible for damage that can derive from inappropriate use by unqualified personnel.
  • The use of any electric heater requires some fundamental rules to be followed:
  • Don't pull or throw the feeding cable with neither wet hands nor wet feet.
  • Don't submerge the heater in water.
  • Don't let the cable hang on the border of the table, nor in contact with hot surfaces.
  • When unplugging the plug, never pull the cable.
  • Unplug the heater when not in use.
  • Don't manipulate the device when it's hot (to avoid possible burns). Allow heater to cool prior to any manipulation.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Cleaning
  • Before cleaning, unplug the heater.
  • Use post-depilation oil to remove wax residue.
  • Do not use blech, chlorinated solvent neither abrasive products. Do not use pads.