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Mar 02, 2020

Wax heaters are essential appliances that can't be absent from aesthetic centers. They simplify wax treatments and ensure the safety of clients as the wax is applied to the skin. In short, a wax heater melts the wax and is used by the aesthetician to regulate its temperature as it is spread on the skin. A roll-on wax represents a practical alternative that's very easy to use and provides many features to improve functionality and time efficiency. Discover how these features can change your technique in relation to your regular wax heater. If you want to incorporate a roll-on wax heater as an option for your clients, we have all the information you need.

How Do You Use a Roll-On Wax Heater?

Roll-on wax heaters are not hard to use, so it will take no time for you to get the hang of them. First of all, plug the cable attached to the device into an outlet. Don't switch on the wax heater until the wax cartridge is in place. While it's common to turn on certain electric appliances and let them heat before using, when it comes to wax heaters this is a sure way to overheat the device.

Make sure the cartridge is properly installed. After this, it takes between 20 and 30 minutes for the wax to heat. Once the wax is at optimal temperature, unplug the heater and remove the individual applicator you will use during the session. The wax will remain at the required temperature for 30-40 minutes. Any extra heating you need to perform after that time will only take from 5 to 10 minutes after plugging the applicator back into the outlet.

Here's a list of the exclusive heat accessories developed by Beauty Image USA to guarantee the best hair removal treatment using roll-on wax heaters:

  • Roll-on Heater Applicator A practical device that guarantees the optimal temperature for the duration of a regular waxing session. With a thermostat to control the heat levels and no cables to complicate its manipulation, this heater applicator can't be absent from any spa or beauty salon.

  • Double Base for Roll-on Heater Applicator: An ideal device to save time while simultaneously heating two roll-on cartridges. It allows both standard and mini roll-on heater applicators to guarantee manageability while working with your clients.

  • Base for 8 Roll-ons: Equipped with two rows of four roll-on slots each, these devices makes it possible to heat eight roll-ons at the same time. It also incorporates individual features to control each roll-on separately.

  • Combiwax: An extremely useful device that lets you heat a soft wax can and three roll-ons at once. The combiwax also allows the individual preparation of each wax to guarantee functionality while working on 4 different wax products simultaneously.

To avoid sudden malfunction, we strongly recommend limiting the use of these devices to Beauty Image's signature roll-ons, since their mechanism was specially designed to support these particular cartridges.

How Do You Get Wax Out of a Wax Warmer?Beauty Image's wax heating devices are all made with the most durable materials to ensure efficiency and longevity. Like any other appliance at a spa or a beauty center, they still demand constant care, and their maintenance involves a clear set of instructions. Since this is a useful device that will be see constant activity, it's important for you, as a wax specialist, to keep these steps in mind.One golden rule you can't forget when cleaning wax heaters is to keep the device away from water. Stick to using mineral oils and paper strips to remove stains, or use Beauty Image's Fast Net Cleaner to forget about harmful solvents damaging the surface of the wax heater. A dry cloth is enough to wipe the wax heater if it takes a greasy texture.

It's common to recommend cotton pads to soak up the remaining wax, as well as several methods to remove it after it's already dry. If you want to avoid wasting wax while cleaning, none of those options is the way to go. Remember that the container where you regularly put the wax must be thoroughly sterilized, as well as other accessories you use to wax your client's skin.

As a general rule, roll-on waxes are a great way to sidestep much of the tedious cleaning process that's inevitable when using traditional wax heaters. Still, there are a number of recommendations that come in handy if you plan to clean your roll-on wax heater:

1. Make sure the wax heater is unplugged before cleaning. This is probably a no brainer, but the prolonged high temperature and the contact with different cleaning materials can result in malfunction. It's easy to overlook such a simple step when you are engrossed in a wax treatment, so make a habit of checking that the device is off and unplugged before cleaning it.

2. While a roll-on wax heater involves virtually no mess, it's still advisable to use gloves and/or a towel to handle the heater while cleaning. After all, the hands and arms are valuable tools for aestheticians, so protection from potential burns (no matter how unlikely) will never be out of place.

3. Pour a solvent and use paper strips to clean the stains. The Fast Net Cleaner is perfect to clean all metal and plastic accessories while keeping the hygienic standards of a professional aesthetic center. Since post-depilatory lotions and other wax removing oils are specially made to eliminate wax residues, they are also an effective solution to clean your roll-on wax heater.

4. Cover the waxing container when there are no wax cartridges to heat. Dry paper towels are the safest way to do this without damaging the inner mechanisms within the device.

5. Keep a clean workspace, not only for the sake of your clients but for the proper maintenance of your equipment. Not only will you be providing a good impression and helping your clients feel more at ease, the effort required to clean your wax heater will inevitably be influenced by the state of the other appliances kept in the same space.

By taking proper precautions, you protect your investments and the safety of your clients. We invite you to read our blog "4 Tricks to Make your Waxing Accessories Last Longer" where you'll find many useful tips that will help you keep all your hair removal accessories in perfect condition.

Can You Reuse Wax Cartridges?

This is one of the things that make wax cartridges so appealing: Yes, on top of being tidy and easily portable, wax cartridges can store more wax after their initial content has been used. They can be easily refilled without reducing the quality of the wax or becoming a potential hazard for the user. As long as the head of the cartridge is promptly replaced after each application, there are no sanitary risks in reusing a wax cartridge because the remaining wax has no way of coming in contact with any external elements.

Roll-on waxes save a lot of time in their preparation and demand fewer additional accessories. A roll-on wax heater follows this example, offering a very simple mechanism and different options to heat several cartridges simultaneously while removing the messier parts of the cleaning process. If you work in a branch of the skin care industry, this is an upgrade you can't ignore.

On top of developing natural hair removal products with countless benefits for the skin, Beauty Image USA provides the finest quality when it comes to appliances to ensure a safe and pleasant time during wax treatments. Don't forget to read " How to Use Wax Heaters" if you want a detailed description of all the wax heating options available. And if you want to secure the best materials to satisfy your clients, call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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