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10 Essential Waxing Accessories and Supplies

February 23, 2016

spatulas Do you hate DIY waxing because it's dreadfully painful? The right body and facial waxing supplies will ultimately help you to get the best results ever, making waxing a lot easier and less painful. Luckily, after careful research, we've come up with a shortlist of ten essential waxing accessories and supplies, for a painless DIY waxing with long-lasting results.


Even though there is a comprehensive range of waxes, honey wax is still the all-around most commonly found as it can be used anywhere. Cream wax is also great because it tends to be much gentler on the skin. Another option is hard wax, which doesn't require using a strip. It is perfect for coarse hair like the bikini line. Even though it may seem like roll-on wax would make things easier for application, it tends to get clogged, even for waxing pros. Therefore, we recommend using pots because you have much more control - you can remove exactly how much product you want.

2. Wax Heater

Also known as pots, wax heaters keep the wax at a good temperature. Some just have an on and off switch, but the best ones have adjustable heat controls. Wax heaters are a crucial part of waxing wax consistency plays a major role. If wax is too hot, you may burn yourself. On the other hand, if wax is too cool, it won't grab on property to the hair.

3. Strips

You need either muslin or cloth strips to help you remove the wax, unless you're using hard wax. If you don't feel like cutting the muslin yourself, you can always buy pre-made strips that come already cut in large or small sections.

4. Pre-Depilatories

It is imperative to cleanse the skin with antiseptic lotion before waxing. Not only does this help curb the side effect of getting pimples, wax adheres way better to a clean surface, giving you better hair-ridding results.

5. Oil or Powder

When using hard wax, a special oil must be applied to condition and protect the skin. When using soft wax, a powder must be applied to help absorb excess oil. This way, wax adheres to the hair instead of the skin, preventing unnecessary tugging and pain.

6. Applicators

Wooden applicators are the best option when it comes to applying the wax. Different size widths make small and large areas easier to tackle. Even if most wooden applicators have rounded edges, you can also get applicators with straight edges. These make it easier to create straighter lines in the eyebrow or bikini area.

7. Post-Depilatories

Since there is a tendency for stickiness when it comes to waxing, a calming oil, tonic, gel, or cleanser can help get rid of this residue while moisturizing the skin. There's nothing more annoying than your pants or shirt sticking to your body!

8. Aloe-Based Gel

A slight stinging sensation and mild redness are two side effects of waxing. These side effects can easily be calmed just by using a cooling, aloe-based gel.

9. Waxing Kit

If you need lots of supplies, it makes sense to use a complete kit like our Chocofango Kit. This clever kit features one Parafango heater, one Chocofango box, one Parafango brush, one cutter, one box of firming ampoules, one anti-cellulite cream, and one Choco Ice Tonic.

10. Pantry Items

If you are on a tight budget, you can use items found in your pantry at home such as Popsicle sticks and baby oil as body waxing supplies.

We hope this information comes in handy. Are you ready to treat yourself to something nice today? You'll find something perfect in our range of affordable, yet state-of-the-art beauty products. When you look great, you feel great! To learn more about our home waxing remedies and superior skin care items, contact Beauty Image USA at (888)513-8815 or visit Contact.

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