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Feb 22, 2021

If you're a licensed esthetician, you surely know that buying new waxing accessories for your business is an investment—whether you work from home, inside a beauty salon, in your own waxing room or even if you are a mobile practitioner. Beauticians do not spend their money on waxing equipment if they will have to replace it one or two years after; on the contrary, they look for long-lasting wax heaters, waxing carts, cosmetic sterilizers, or any other kind of devices. Choosing the high-quality brands when buying your waxing tools is a key factor to success, but beyond that, proper cleaning, smart safety measures, and regular maintenance are equally important to make the most out of your investment.

As for wax warmers, they are not hard to maintain if you know how. If you follow these six easy tips, there is no doubt your wax warmers will look spotless every day and its life span will surely increase.

    1. Leave the heater a little warm when cleaning
    Removing the remaining wax after the last treatment of the day is the first step to cleaning a wax warmer. Waiting for the wax to cool down won't be the best cleaning strategy, since the wax at room temperature won't be easy to remove from the pot. Removing the wax when it is still a little hot is the best way to go, taking the necessary precautions to not burn your hands of course. When you finish your last treatment of the day, let the wax melt until it turns liquid, then turn the device off and continue with the following step.

    2. Save what can be stored
    If a lot of wax remains on the pot, pour it while hot into a new container for later use (you can recycle the wax if you 1. store it in a properly sterilized container and 2. are 100% sure no double-dipping or any other form of contamination occurred).

    3. Use wax strips for cleaning
    After removing what is left of the useful wax, you can use a paper or a cloth wax strip to remove the remains. Do not use cotton pads since these can break and stick to the paste, causing a mess. Some estheticians also recommend using couch roll with wax remover oils (the same ones you use for your clients, yes!).
    4. Sterilize the waxing pot
    To eradicate bacteria and sanitize the products you use, you must sterilize the non-disposable items you work with, which includes tweezers, metallic spatulas, or the aluminum pots where you pour the wax to melt it on the wax heater. If you work on your own or do not have a big, professional salon budget, getting professional salon sterilizing equipment at reasonable prices can be difficult. However, you can use UV towel warmer sterilizers, sterilizing sprays, or simply remove the germs with boiling water.

    5. Apply oils to the wax warmers
    If there are any drips or stains in the wax warmer, you can remove them using mineral oil and a cloth. Be careful about the products you use though—as this article states, using solvents or acidic cleaners on the plastic parts of the warmer can damage the material and cause cracks or premature deterioration.

    6. Place paper collars to prevent future damage.
    To reduce the appearance of wax stains on the warmer, we suggest using paper collars to place around the waxing containers. That way, the machinery will be protected from wax falling into its surface during the treatments.

What not to doNow that you know how to clean your wax warmers like a professional, let's discuss what you should avoid during cleaning or even while using the machinery. Here are some essential to do's and don'ts for wax heaters:

  1. Do not heat without wax in the pot
    This will only make the device over-heat and its electrical system will fail.
  2. Don't leave the heater turned on all night
    Even if you use your wax warmer every day, leaving it on with wax inside all night long will shorten its life span and raise the chances of wax contamination, not to mention it can be dangerous for you, your working environment and your clients.
  3. Don't soak the device in water
    If the warmer gets way too much wax everywhere (an accident or a misstep can happen to anyone), do not soak the whole device in water. In fact, water does not remove wax very well; it is best to use the oils we mentioned above.
  4. Always cut the power before cleaning
    Wait for the wax to heat before removing it, but don't do it with the device still plugged in. Turn it off and unplug it, then, take the wax out of the pot and clean the whole device carefully.

Whether you use wax warmers or a microwave to heat your waxes, proper maintenance is imperative to have a successful and profitable beauty business—a good professional esthetician always obeys the safety and hygienic rules required, while also using the best products available in the market.

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