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Beauty Image Launches Gourmet: A new line of luxurious waxing products

January 27, 2015

gourmet-waxBeauty Image, a brand renowned for its hair removal products, recently launched its brand new line based on the tastes of deluxe, high-end cuisine. Gourmet is a word that implies luxury and class, and is usually associated with elaborate preparations that delight a person's taste buds and uplift their spirits. Each product in Beauty Image's Gourmet line is scented and made from top-quality ingredients, such as champagne and hand-picked strawberries, a fruit with citric properties known to repair and moisturize most skin types.

Beauty Image assures that the Gourmet trend is an experience for all the senses. Champagne's characteristics go beyond the innovative bottle: it's fizzy texture can replace bath salts by exfoliating dead cells and making a woman's skin look refreshed and silky smooth. Strawberries have been around as beauty allies for a long time. Containing ellagic acid, an anti-oxidant, this healthy fruit prevents collagen destruction: a major cause of wrinkle formation. The powerful combination of acidity and sweetness included in each of Beauty Image's Gourmet products, brings new life to skin.

The Gourmet line is now available in a wide array of product types, such as the Champagne Fraises Beads, which allow for the melting of depilatory wax in a pearl formation; the Champagne Fraises wax jar, a hair removal wax format designed for single usage; and the Champagne Fraises Roll-on, a practical alternative to regular waxing. Along with hair removal products, the Gourmet line also offers a post-depilatory tonic that will soothe the painful aftermath of a hair-removal session.

Waxing can be a bittersweet experience for anyone. Everyone likes to feel beautiful, and have soft, unblemished skin, but the anxiety before the pulling and the associated pain can make people distrustful of hair removal procedures. Beauty Image changes the way waxing is done by making first-rate products that ease the experience and turn it into a delightful, breezy moment, where the smell and feel of champagne and strawberries will allow the customer to travel to a new height of luxury and fine taste.

For luxurious, beautiful skin, visit to check out Beauty Image's unparalleled line of Gourmet waxes. For a confidence boost and to be the center of attention this Valentine's Day, call 888-513-8815 right away!

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