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August 19, 2023

Madagascar Vegan Waxes

A unique eco-friendly option inspired by the natural treasures from Africa and the South Pacific. Beauty Image USA is ready to introduce its latest line of sustainable waxes. Our new Madagascar line integrates the valuable nutrients from tamanu oil in a unique vegan set of hair removal waxes that will work wonders on your skin.

Coming from fully sustainable crops in Madagascar, the cultivation of tamanu oil supports more than 300 families. The oil itself represents a valuable natural treasure, widely known for its anti-inflammatory properties. The nutrients from tamanu oil work as natural moisturizers, fully capable of thoroughly hydrating all types of skin. As a result, Madagascar's line of depilatory waxes comes with a series of powerful restorative properties that effectively soothe the skin while being completely free of animal ingredients, preservatives, and colorants.

Madagascar Vegan MaxiPearls

Among Madagascar's exclusive line of vegan products, a low melting point depilatory wax comes as one of its highlights. Vegan Maxipearls is a quick melting and quick drying formula that's suitable for all skin types and body areas. Thanks to its malleable properties, this wax can be evenly applied in longer and thinner layers. In other words, Vegan Maxipearls' remarkable elasticity helps it formula last far longer than most waxing products.

Meanwhile, the line's variety of soft waxes is sure to provide utmost comfort and the best natural elements while appealing to your preferences. Both the Vegan Roll-On Wax (ideal to remove coarse hair) and its counterpart in can format offer all the benefits from palm resin and other vegetable oils. Suitable for all skin types, facial and body hair alike, Madagascar's soft waxes ensure softer application and maximum pulling power, on top of being 100% paraffin free.

Vegan Soft Wax   

To complement the line's eco-friendly approach and help the restoration of natural resources, all of Madagascar's packages and displays are made of recyclable packaging that you can reutilize in any way you like. You can now simultaneously take part in helping regenerate the planet's resources while getting your skin smooth and hydrated from within.

This new line of hair removal waxes is Beauty Image's exclusive. If you want more information about this and many other hair removal products, call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or visit Also, remember to follow Beauty Image on Facebook @BeautyImageUSATwitter @BeautyImageUSA and Instagram @beautyimageusa to get useful tips and information about our latest products.