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Dec 28, 2020

Brazilians always get some sort of controversy. Most times it is because it involves a very private area, but some other times it is because people wonder about the right types of wax to get a Brazilian: hard body waxes or soft body waxes. clients, especially first-timers, have a huge curiosity for this topic since they don't want to risk their skin in such a delicate area, and they want their Brazilian to go as smoothly as possible.Sometimes the debate between these two types of waxes for a Brazilian boils down to individual choice, the rest is the esthetician's call. You don't need to worry, though. Your esthetician has got everything covered! The first thing you need to know is that a professional knows exactly how to work around a Brazilian and use either soft or hard wax at ease; no wonder why going to a professional is always your best bet.

In this blog post, we will let you know about both types of wax and how they are used for flawless Brazilians. Hint: like everything else, both have their pros and cons.
What Exactly Is a Brazilian —And How Is It Different from a Bikini Waxing?The history of Brazilians goes back to its self-explanatory origin: the beautiful Brazilian beaches where women wore skimpy bikinis —for which they had to brace themselves and sit through thorough waxing sessions that removed ALL hair in and around the public area, including the labia and the backside! This was a departure from the modest bikini waxing, which aimed at removing only any hair that would peek out of a pair of undies or a swimsuit (mostly in the inner thigh area, with some trimming on the mons pubis). Bikini waxing was the way to go until the J Sisters, a group of Brazilian estheticians introduced their Brazilians to a growing number of enthusiasts upon their moving to New York.

As you can see, Brazilians deal with much more delicate areas than Bikinis. However, the techniques to work on these different areas should be roughly the same. Any difference will depend on individual characteristics, such as coarseness of the hair and strength of the root (some clients have very stubborn hair follicles!).
What Exactly Is Hard Wax?Hard or stripless wax has a thick consistency. It hardens on the skin after applied, but it retains a malleable consistency that allows skipping the use of muslin strips. Hard wax acts as a strip that the esthetician can just rip off without other aids. This type of wax melts at a lower temperature, so it is a lot more comfortable on the skin.
What Exactly Is Soft Wax?The name says it all: soft wax has higher malleability, so it covers any area regardless of how difficult it is. Soft wax does not stick to the skin, only the hair. Muslin strips are necessary to rip hair with this type of wax, which melts at a higher temperature (still not as high as to burn the skin).
How Does Each Type if Wax Behave in Brazilians and Bikinis?
Hard Wax

Brazilians: hard wax allows for reapplication, which will come in handy with girls with very coarse hair and strong hair roots. Your esthetician will probably choose hard wax if she considers that she will have to go over the same area more than once.

However, hard wax can have one downside: it adheres not only to the hair but also to the skin. This can cause extra tugging on the soft tissue in the nether areas when the esthetician flicks one corner of the wax in order to pull and remove hair. A licensed esthetician knows that the best technique involves small areas at a time and swift pulling motions.

Bikinis: the inner thigh area can be quite sensitive as well, but overall, hard wax is a good idea for this type of waxing. It provides very fast and clean results.

Soft Wax

Brazilians: soft wax can provide fast results with minimum tugging provided that the technique is done properly: spreading a thin layer of wax, pressuring the muslin strip down, and pulling it in one swift, horizontal motion.
The number one thing to keep in mind with soft wax for a Brazilian is that this type of wax does not allow re-application. When an esthetician does not have enough experience to ensure an exact application and ripping technique, the client can experience extra pain since skin layers can end up being removed.

Girls with coarse hair can benefit from soft wax, again, provided that the technique is optimal.

Bikinis: soft wax is fine for trimmed bikini lines, but it depends on individual preference.
The Bottom LineIt all comes down to technique, experience, and individual choice. Your esthetician will know whether to use hard or soft wax according to your type of hair and the degree of confidence they have using a specific type of wax. Some estheticians and clients are used to hard body waxes for Brazilians, whereas others swear by soft body waxes. Hard body waxes tend to be more popular, but as you can see, soft wax can be wonderful as well.

Your esthetician has the expertise it takes to tackle Brazilians with high-quality hard body waxes or soft waxes like Beauty Image's. Licensed estheticians all over the US choose our professional waxes and waxing accessories for their fine ingredients and the impeccable results they provide. Get in touch with us! Call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form on this website. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to have our beauty blog posts, tips, and maintenance guides for estheticians sent straight to your inbox!

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