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Jul 28, 2021

Your salon deserves only the best products and equipment. Professional waxing supplies for beauty salons are the surest way to provide a waxing experience that's both safe and pleasant, with additional skin care benefits that your clients will thank you for. When we talk about professional waxing supplies, we also include the tools and equipment needed during a wax treatment. These tools will make your work more efficient and reduce the risks for clients when dealing with sensitive areas.

First of all, you need to have enough wax products to attend to every request. Most professional waxes are safe for all types of skin, but certain formulas will bring better results if you're treating sensitive areas. Other products will be more effective in areas when you have little space and need more precision. Luckily, there's something for everyone, especially if you look through Beauty Image's online catalog. In general terms, these are the wax products you need:

  • Soft body waxes: They are usually applied on the legs, arms, and the back. As such, they're an asset to help you reach a uniform regrowth cycle for all the hairs surrounding larger portions of skin. Soft waxes are spread in thin layers with the help of a spatula and removed after you press a muslin strip on the area. They are known for providing a gentle exfoliating effect and, in some cases, for leaving a sticky residue that disappears during the post-wax treatment.

  • Hard body waxes:: They are fairly more exclusive and usually estheticians' first choice when doing facial waxes / treating other sensitive areas. They have a low melting point and don't adhere to the skin, encouraging a more bearable experience for clients with a low threshold of pain. Because they are removed without the help of a strip, hard body waxes can be slightly harder to master.

The Right Equipment to Wax Like a Pro

After stocking your salon with the best wax products, you need the proper equipment to complete each step of a wax session correctly. There are tools and accessories that will make the treatment more effective without violating basic hygiene requirements. You can't really complete a wax session, no matter the type of treatment, without the proper equipment. Since some of these tools aren't reusable, you need to keep tabs on your stock and plan in advance for your monthly wholesale purchase.

For Wax Treatments:

  • Spatulas: Made of wood of metal, spatulas help you apply the wax evenly on the skin. Estheticians help themselves with them to take a portion of wax from the pot to the skin, rolling the applicator with the hand and spreading in the direction of hair growth. Spatulas are usually 1-inch wide and can be reusable as long as you sterilize them after each session.

  • Waxing strips: As mentioned above, muslin strips are an essential accessory during soft wax treatments. Both muslin and non-woven waxing strips are sold in packets of 50-100 units, usually precut into a standard size (3x9 cm) to save you the chore of measuring and cutting them yourself. There are, however, smaller sizes available, as well as uncut rolls in case you want to customize your strips according to your needs.

  • Disposable gloves: They are a sure sign of proper hygiene practices and will prevent a potentially harmful situation. Remember that you'll be having close physical contact and the risk of infection will be more prevalent after the skin is stripped of its outer layer, so you must keep your gloves on throughout the treatment and throw them away as soon as you're done.

  • Pre & Post-wax products: A treatment is just as good as the services you offer pre and post-wax. To prep the skin properly, you need the same quality you'd use for your hair removal formulas, offering skin cleansers, antioxidant lotions, and pre-wax powders to help the wax adhere to the hairs. Likewise, you need soothing lotions, gels and cool compresses to help you relax the skin after the treatment. You should also keep fresh wipes at hand to remove residues and any leftover stickiness.

  • Wax heater: A professional wax heater is essential to get the right consistency in your wax formulas. Their mechanism helps you set the right temperature for each product, and some models give you the chance to warm multiple wax products at the same time so you can save time on lengthy treatments where more than one type of wax is required.
  • Wax pot: Wax pots/tins are made of metal and their capacity usually covers the amount of wax that's needed for a regular session. There's always leftover wax sticking to the pot after a wax session, so remember to sanitize it thoroughly before you use it on a new treatment. Beauty Image's wax pot has the perfect size to fit any of the professional warmers in our collection. 

To Keep an Orderly Workstation:

If you're a professional esthetician, you already know that there are a lot of products and supplies taking up space in your workstation. You must also know that a wax session keeps you moving around your client, making it difficult to keep a tidy space without affecting your work.

If you want your workspace's layout to hold up through all the sessions you get each week, a trolley is something you can miss. Be sure to get a spacious cart with many compartments to keep all the products you'll need for the treatment. This way, you can keep everything you need within hands' reach while moving wherever you need to be.

Other resources are more related to whatever you decide to do with the space available. Keep your products and materials out of the way while welcoming clients, because too much clutter never makes a good first impression. Your furniture should have enough drawers and shelves so that each item in your workstation has its designated place. Lastly, you have to take your client's comfort into account while setting everything up and selecting your décor. Don't be afraid to change your room's layout from time to time until you find a satisfying arrangement.

You can get the best equipment to boost your salon's hair removal services. Beauty Image USA offers the best products in the market, along with the most competitive deals to help you stock your salon. If you're interested in any of our products, you can call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form. And remember to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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