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Waxing at Home Vs. Salon

Jan 05, 2021
Waxing at Home Vs. Salon

When in need of a professional body wax service or indulging in a manicure and pedicure session, most prefer a professional salon service. Waxing is more mentally demanding, such as prepping for pain and pricing. Wax treatments demand more mental preparation, and some people have trouble letting go of their worries over pain and pricing. If you are seeking the best ingredients in your usual waxing products, a professional salon is the safest choice. That being said, there are multiple reasons why at-home waxing has remained popular. 

Should I Start Regular Waxing?

With so many hair removal methods available, waxing is a popular and convenient option for people of all ages. A single wax treatment can effectively remove hair from any area of your body and leave your skin feeling softer for several weeks. This is because wax formulas remove hair from the roots, which helps to weaken follicles and decrease hair growth. Although improper use of wax formulas can cause skin irritation, professional wax products typically leave the skin healthy and unblemished for weeks after treatment. While homemade wax formulas may also be effective, achieving the right consistency can be challenging. This is why many online tutorials offer guidance for those on a limited budget and without access to professional wax heaters. While getting waxed in a salon is generally considered safer, at-home waxing has its own benefits that may be useful to some individuals. It's important to consider each option separately and determine which one best aligns with your needs.

Pros of Professional Salon Waxing

  • A professional service: When comparing any sort of treatment, going the professional route is always the most appealing due to the assurance provided by an expert. A licensed esthetician is mastered in the art of techniques and following the best practices. You can be confident that you will have an efficient hair removal without risking skin damage. Rest assured they will always use the proper resources to provide you with the perfect waxing pre, during, and post-treatment. 

  • Professional grade products: When it comes to waxing, using high-quality materials and equipment can make a big difference in the success of the hair removal process. While some may view a professional wax service as an unnecessary expense, investing in the right formulas and accessories can be well worth it. Professional estheticians use wax formulas specifically designed to soothe the skin and top-of-the-line equipment to make the process as easy as possible. By choosing to invest in the best products available, you can avoid wasting money on ineffective alternatives that may not be suitable for your skin type.

  • Quick and Effective: Professional estheticians have mastered wax sessions making them quick and efficient.  Since they have so much practice they take little time and leave your skin completely smooth for weeks. No matter how small or large they have mastered techniques for efficiency. 

  • Optimal results: The right technique and the best wax formulas are a winning combination that will make the results of your wax last longer. You'll be able to stretch out the time between sessions and your skin will keep a healthy appearance after months of getting the nourishing effects of a wax treatment on a regular basis.

Cons of Professional Salon Waxing

  • High cost: Waxing is not a one time thing, this regimen that can quickly become a big investment. Usually, wax sessions are once every 2-3 weeks. A professional wax service depending on the body part will cost between $8 (eyebrows, chin, upper lip) and up to $90 (legs, brazilian, back).

  • Discomfort: Waxing may require for your esthetician to be in intimate areas of your body. Even after finding a comfortable position to sit/lie down, you have to keep still for several minutes while the esthetician waxes the area, and this can be particularly uncomfortable if you're getting a Brazilian wax.

  • Sting: Depending on your pain tolerance, waxing can be painful. Your esthetician is expected to use their expertise to save you from major skin damage, and irritation but the treatment can still be unpleasant. 

Pros of Waxing at Home

  • Cost Effective: At-home waxing can be a practical alternative if you want a quick fix on your eyebrows or armpits, as long as you're sure that the products at your disposal have no negative side effects on your skin.

  • Time optimization: It can be difficult to schedule a wax appointment if you have a tight schedule, especially if you happen to live far from your regular salon. Many people wax at home to avoid a stressful situation while juggling their regular responsibilities, but you should only do it after getting familiar with the process. If you try to do your own waxing without knowing the best products and the right technique, you'll end up wasting just as much time before getting a decent result.

  • Not vulnerable: You will avoid the awkwardness of putting yourself in a vulnerable position in front of a complete stranger. When you wax yourself, you can take your time figuring out the best way to work and pause the treatment as many times as you want.

Cons of Waxing at Home

  • Poor waxing technique: Estheticians know the proffesional waxing practices inside and out, so it's not hard for them to adapt their methods to areas that are more sensitive or harder to reach. Even while following professional recommendations, you will probably have trouble reaching that level of precision.
  • Skin damage: Without the proper technique, his could happen for a number of reasons. No matter how safe they might seem, many store-bought wax products lack the additional properties to protect the skin during a wax treatment. You might also burn your skin after heating the wax too much or break it while ripping off the wax strip.

  • Messy: Following the proper techniques may be a challenge if you have to prepare the wax and work on your skin all by yourself, especially during the aftercare treatment. Not only will you have to rush through the leftover pain, but you'll increase the chances of infection if you set out to clean after yourself while your skin is still tender.

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