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Questions Estheticians Need to Ask New Clients Before a Waxing Session

Sep 20, 2017

Knowledge is power, even in the beauty world. The saying applies for every service that beauticians offer, especially waxing. That's what distinguishes professional beauty services from the common DIY products sold at drugstores—licensed waxologists can deliver a better outcome because they have deep knowledge on how to treat each person based on their skin type, as well as which products to use and which ones to avoid. Estheticians are also well aware of which pre-waxing care and post-waxing routines they should teach their clients to reduce the appearance of common waxing side effects, such as red bumps, ingrown hairs, or infections.

On the same line of thought, having detailed information of each of your clients will allow you, as a beautician, to individualize treatments and improve your services. Each person has different needs and you need to be able to decide which procedure or product to use to prevent injuries or extra pain. To get there, it is essential you interview your clients and build a profile before the very first waxing appointment. What should you ask? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Skin type: Does the client know his or her skin type? If so, note it down on the client's form to remember which waxes would work the best for his or her skin. Do they suffer from dry, oily, or sensitive skin? Fortunately, nowadays you can find waxes specially made for all those types of skin. For example, customers with sensitive skin usually find soft waxes too harsh, so hard waxes are the best ones to use. Keep in mind that not everyone knows this information about their skin, however, always asking beforehand is the professional way to go.
  2. Skin conditions: Do they suffer from acne, hives, or warts? Rashes, dermatitis, psoriasis? It goes without saying that in case someone does suffer from a skin condition that needs medical treatment, you must ask the client to bring a doctor's note approving the procedure. Also, if you notice some skin damage, we recommend not to wax around that area and, instead, advise the client to see a dermatologist and suspend hair removal until the skin regains its health.
  3. Hair Removal History: Is it the client's first time waxing? Have they tried other hair removal methods before? First-timers need a more detailed introduction than experienced customers who are used to getting wax pulled off of their skin.

On another note, if a client decides to change their hair removal method, it would be useful for you to know why. This is even useful for market research since it would give you an insight of what clients are looking for or what they dislike from their previous hair removal methods.

  1. Side effects: if the client isn't new to waxing, does he or she usually experience side effects, whether right after the treatment or weeks after? Have they had an allergic reaction to a certain type of wax? Knowing this information will prevent you from making the same mistakes previous estheticians did.
  2. Expectations: What do they want out of the service? Although this question doesn't seem important, it is useful information to verify if both you, the esthetician, and the client are on the same page regarding the service. This way, you'll avoid having an unsatisfied client due to missteps in communication.
  3. Skin care: what does the client do to take care of their skin? Do they apply a specific type of cream every day, sunscreen, moisturizing oils? Did they follow a pre-waxing routine before visiting you? Do they know what they should and shouldn't do after walking out of the salon, waxing room, or any other kind of beauty business? Knowing this information will give you a peek of how informed the client is about pre- and post-waxing care so you can provide the proper guidance if needed.

Professional waxing experts always perform a quick interview with their clients asking questions like the ones enumerated above before starting a treatment. You can have customers answer these questions on a form you can file and store for future reference.

Follow-up interviews are equally important. They will give you a chance to keep up to date with your regular client's progress: if the last treatment hurt more than usual, if they suffered from side effects, if their skin feels more sensitive, if hair is re-growing slower, etc.

Good communication between clients and practitioners is key for outstanding customer service. Waxing is a delicate procedure and customers always look for perfection, whether it is with an eyebrow wax or a Brazilian.

Besides asking the right questions, using high-quality products during your waxing treatments will guarantee an excellent service. If you're looking to bring in some new hard waxes or soft waxes to your salon or beauty business, we invite you to try Beauty Image's products. We are a leading hair removal company currently marketed in 55 countries across the globe and we are always looking for ways to improve the waxing industry. We have a wide array of hard body waxes, soft body waxes, accessories and appliances that are just perfect for any kind of beauty business.

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