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How To Use Cold Wax Strips

Oct 30, 2019

What are Cold Wax Strips?

Cold Wax Strips or Ready to Use Wax Strips are a type of hair removal product strip that is pre-coated with a layer of wax. Typically, these are meant to be used without heating. Traditionally, you would need to melt wax in a professional wax warmer before applying and using it for a hair removal depilation. Cold Wax Strips come ready to use.

Cold Wax Strips are usually made up of non woven epilating paper with a pre-applied layer of wax on it. Most commonly you would separate the strips, apply them to the area you wish to be depilated and pull them off in the opposite direction of hair growth. Similar to how typical wax works, where the wax that is pre applied to the strip sticks to the hair and then pulls it from the root, leaving the skin hair free and soft.


These prepared wax strips are most commonly used at home as a quick and convenient method of temporary hair removal. Cold wax strips are not meant to replace a professional body or facial wax treatment. That being said, pre prepped wax strips can be used on any part of the body such as underarms, bikini area, legs, arms etc. Making them a convenient at home hair removal method or waxing on the go.

Cold wax strips make hair removal easy!

  • There is no heat required
  • Quick Application
  • Mess Free
  • Easy to Use

Should Cold Wax Strips Replace My Professional Wax Treatment?

Your preferred method of hair removal should always be solely up to your preference and your comfortability. Of course, for the most optimal hair removal method we would always recommend seeing your local licensed professional esthetician for the best results.

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