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How Long Does Hair Have to Be to Wax?

December 26, 2018

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How Long Does Hair Have to Be to Wax Woman Checking LegsIf it's your first time getting waxed, you will have a few concerns. Getting a good answer to all your queries can make the difference between a wonderful waxing experience and a disappointing one that will make you never want to step in the wax bar again. Here are some of the questions probably floating around in your mind right now: what's the technique for waxing? how bad does it hurt? Is it better to use hard or soft body waxes? How do you prepare for it? When it comes to preparation hair length is one of the most important factors since it can determine how effective waxing can be, so you ask: how long does hair have to be to wax? This time we will take a closer look at hair length to help you understand why it's necessary to mind this detail before your appointment.

Hair Growth Is Related to Cycles and Rates

Hair growth is not uniform throughout the body, otherwise we would lose all hair and then grow it back at the same time. Instead, nature is wise, so the body regulates each hair in a different growth cycle out of the three phases there are (growing, resting and shedding), so that at any given time a percentage of our hair is growing, another portion is resting, and yet another one is being shed. Body hair has a shorter anagen phase than head hair (4-6 months vs. 3-7 years). In other words, your body hair is actively growing in a period of 4 to 6 months, during which it can reach around 0.5 inches (1,25 cm) each month.

The hair growth cycle also explains why once hair starts growing in, some of them are longer than others. The good news is that waxing regularly will help even out hair growth (anagen hair will start coming out at the same time).
How Long Does Hair Have to Be to Wax Woman Checking Hair Length on Leg

Why You Need a Minimum Hair Length Before Waxing

The headline already implies an answer to the question: you do need to let your hair grow to a minimum length before your waxing appointment. The reason for reaching a particular length is that it makes hair easier to pull out from the root. If you are using hard wax, it is easier for it to shrink-wrap around the hair too. Hair that is too short won't stick to the wax properly, which means it won't come off from the root but rather break. The result will be an ineffective wax with hair that will grow back in sooner.

The most advisable length is of an inch, not too long or too short. The usual time it takes to reach this length is 3 to 4 weeks, but it actually depends on individual hair growth rate some people might take a little less or a little longer. People who wax regularly might take up to 6 weeks to get the aforementioned hair growth measurement.

You might believe that your hair is ready for waxing if you see a little growth and you're just not used to letting it grow but you should resist the temptation to wax right away. Waxing very short hair is counterproductive! If you are confused about the length you need, you don't need to complicate yourself with measurements. If you can grab a hair between your fingernails, it is long enough to be waxed off. Anything shorter than that most likely won't stick to wax properly; therefore, won't be removed by the root.
Banner Shopping Cart Special Box with 52 Roll-OnsYou might notice that not all hairs seem to be the right length; this is normal, as long as most of the hairs are at least inch long, you can go ahead with your waxing. Bottom line: for flawless waxing, make sure your hair length is correct before you book your waxing appointment!

Do not shave and wait for the next waxing appointment

Can Hair Grow Faster? I Need to Wax Soon!

Hair growth is genetically determined, which means that everyone's growth rate is personal. You might take longer to reach inch than other people, while some others find that their hair grows extremely fast and might have visible and waxable growth as soon as two weeks after they had hair removal.

As you may know, shaving between waxing appointments is not recommended, but you might find that it "accelerates" hair growth if you need to wax soon and don't have much time to wait until reaching the proper length.

The best advice we can give you is to wait it over so that your hair growth cycle follows its natural course. Your hair will be ready for waxing again before you know it. Either way, few people feel the need to rush; after all, you just want to be smooth and fuzz-free for as long as possible!

Hair Length Is Not the Only Important Factor to Consider Before Waxing

You also have to consider your skin's health status and the hair removal products to use. Make sure your skin is free of irritations and take care of it before your waxing session. Last but not least, ask your esthetician to use professional waxes; they will leave your skin velvety smooth, hydrated, and regenerated. Beauty Image has a wide variety of waxes and waxing products for flawless hair removal. Call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form below to reach us. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get our latest news right in your inbox.

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