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Getting Waxed for the First Time? Everything You Need to Know

May 16, 2018

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Woman Getting Waxed for the First TimeIn the quest for the most convenient hair removal method, the razor oftentimes wins over the most fans. This ubiquitous hair removal tool seems to be the easiest to use, and what's best, it offers total control of your hair removal routine and complete privacy, which might not be the case with waxing, the second most popular hair removal choice. However, many women have stopped settling for the results that shaving can provide and are now ditching the often-shabby shower shaving sessions for waxing appointments at professional salons with high-quality soft or hard body waxes.

There are good reasons for this change: waxing proves to be much more beneficial than shaving in the long run. But before they make the big change and book their first-ever appointment at the wax salon, women want to know all the details about the implications and results of waxing. After all, there are all sorts of opinions, myths, and fears related to waxing, and you might get discouraged before you even decide to give it a try. Here are some of the most important facts you need to know before your first waxing, whether a simple eyebrow grooming or a full Brazilian.

  • It does hurt, but it won't kill you
  • It would be a lie to say that waxing (regardless of the body area) does not hurt. However, the intensity of the pain depends on individual pain threshold. For some women, it will be not much more than a stinging or burning sensation whereas other girls will describe it as excruciatingly painful. The time of the month also plays a role in how painful it can be —getting your wax in PMS days or during the period might be more painful for some women. But again, it depends on individual characteristics.

    You always have the option of taking one or two over-the-counter painkillers before the session as a way to diminish pain.

  • It offers many advantages when compared to shaving
  • If you think about the fuzz and the prickly sensation coming back only a couple days after you shave, you will be happy to know that waxing allows you to remain smooth for much longer. It will usually take around 3 weeks to get noticeable hair growth after waxing. Another advantage of waxing is that the hair grows back progressively finer. This is because waxing pulls hair out from the root, which means that the hair follicle gets increasingly debilitated, producing finer and sparser hair. Forget about the "thicker and coarser hair" myth.

    Hard Body Waxes to Getting Waxed for the First Time
  • It is done with high-quality waxes
  • According to the body part you are going to wax, an esthetician will choose either hard wax, soft wax, or ready wax strips. This array of options allows more flexibility when it comes to hair removal. it all depends on how coarse the hair in the area is, and how accessible the area is. Soft wax adapts to any area because of its high malleability and because it is stripped off with muslin strips that adapt to every contour, whereas hard wax is usually the choice for more accessible areas.

  • It requires a few easy prep steps from you
  • The most important requirement you must fulfill if you want a satisfactory waxing is allowing some hair growth before the appointment —as you know, hair must be at least a quarter inch long in order for the wax to adhere properly and pull hair out more easily. Gently exfoliating a day prior to the waxing appointment is also a good way to prepare the skin.

  • It's better not to schedule your appointment too close to an important event
  • If you are about to have a major event like your wedding, an important outing where you need to sport specific clothes, or you are about to go on vacation, think ahead of time. Schedule your appointment from a week to four days before the big event, to give your skin time to recover from the irritation or discomfort —it usually subsides anywhere between the next day or two after the procedure, but it is always best to allow some precautionary time.

  • There are some contraindications
  • Needless to say, your skin must be as healthy as possible before your waxing appointment, so do not go through with it if you have sunburnt, irritated, scratched, or damaged skin in any way (this includes skin conditions like psoriasis or dermatitis).

    Esthetician Applying Hot Wax on a First Wax SessionIf you suffer from diabetes or circulatory problems, your skin is probably more sensitive than other people's, so go with a professional; they will know how to take special care of your skin.
    Last but not least, do not schedule a waxing appointment if you have been on acne medication for at least one year prior, or retinol and alpha hydroxy products for at least one month prior, and prescription exfoliants for at least three months.

  • Professionals do it best
While you can find high-quality DIY waxing kits that promise to be easy to use, the truth is that you might end up thinking that they are a hassle. The best way to go is always to get the expertise that only an esthetician can offer. They have not only the experience but also the advantage that they can work every inaccessible area with full control, which would be very difficult for you to do, especially having so many things to focus on —including pain and discomfort. Forgetting about your self-consciousness and relaxing during your waxing procedure will be well worth it: you will get an effective wax and will save yourself the problem of choosing waxing products, messing up your bathroom, and taking a long time attempting to give yourself a perfect wax, which, believe us, is not easy.

For further insight on the most common doubts about waxing, visit our related post: Common Waxing Myths and Facts. If you are planning to get your first-ever bikini waxing, you don't want to miss What First-Time Clients Don't Know About Bikini Waxing. After all this useful info you will not hesitate to switch to waxing as your preferred hair removal method.

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