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Do You Use Hard or Soft Wax for Eyebrows?

Sep 09, 2021

Facial waxes are quick but tricky. Waxing eyebrows in particular requires a whole other level of precision because a mistake is virtually impossible to conceal. When you purchase professional waxing products, you must consider facial waxes separately from regular treatments. While facial waxes take little time and minimal product waste, you'll be working with extra sensitive skin. Eyebrow waxing can be surprisingly painful when you don't take proper precautions so, as the esthetician, you need to go above and beyond to get the best products and ensure a gentle treatment.

Understanding Eyebrow Wax Treatments

Eyebrow waxes look different for each client. Some people just need to take the excess hair from the underside of the eyebrow and between the eyes. In other cases, the eyebrows are very bushy, so the esthetician needs to reshape them to enhance the curve of the brow. For some lucky individuals, the hair around the eyebrows is thin enough that most of the heavy work can be done with little wax and a good pair of tweezers. In all scenarios, however, choosing the right wax is key to make the results last longer.

Facial waxes usually treat the eyebrows, the upper lip, and in some cases, the sideburns and chin. A professional esthetician is usually done with a facial wax in 20 minutes or less. Because eyebrows waxes are a highly requested service, many treatments involve solely the shaping of the brow, usually completed in 10 minutes with close to no pain in between. This, however, doesn't mean that just anyone can do it successfully.

The skin around the eyebrows is not only thinner, but it's also very close to a person's eye. The temperature and consistency of the wax are essential to ensure a smooth treatment. Both soft and hard waxes are available in customized formats to favor facial skins. Knowing this, let's look at the all the things that each type of wax brings to the table, including all their advantages and potential drawbacks.

Hard Body Waxes

  • They have a soothing effect on sensitive skins. The skin around the eyebrows is very delicate, which makes hard waxes a welcome asset to keep pain levels at a minimum.

  • They can be applied without using a strip, encouraging the esthetician's accuracy and making the whole process less messy.

  • They adhere to the hairs and not the skin, which eases a lot of the discomfort.

  • They have a low melting point, which is gentler on the skin. This also means that they cool down faster, so you must leave them on long enough to stick to the hairs and remove the wax strip before it hardens.

Soft Body Waxes

  • They are easier to master, which makes them an ideal choice for large sections of skins. Nevertheless, this also makes them useful during facial waxes, as long as the formula allows working on all skin types.

  • Their texture is stickier than that of hard waxes. Because of this, it's more likely that the client ends up touching their face unconsciously, increasing the risks of germs and bacteria on the pores. Luckily, Beauty Image's soft waxes are paraffin-free, so there's no need to worry about sticky residue on the skin.

  • Beauty Image's exclusive line of roll-on waxes maintains all the benefits of canned soft waxes, helping you ensure precision while using the right amount of wax so none of it goes to waste. 

Hard waxes are the most recommended option overall, but they are slightly more expensive and could bring uneven results if the esthetician doesn't keep up while the wax cools down. Because of this, brands have perfected many of their soft wax formulas to allow a safe process while waxing the eyebrows and other parts of the face. If you want to read more about the right technique for eyebrow waxing, we invite you to check out our blog "How To Wax Eyebrows Step By Step", where we give you a detailed description on how to properly use our wax products to shape your client's eyebrows.

Caring for Your Skin After a Facial Wax

The skin around the face is the most exposed to outside elements. You can partially cover your face against sunlight, dust, and chemical fumes, but it's impossible to go through life without subjecting it to the risks of the outdoors. At home, you should always be careful about the cosmetic products you put on your face. Many artificial ingredients can dry up the skin and clog the pores, making wax treatments needlessly difficult. This is why skincare habits are so important. There are countless creams and oils specially catered to facial skin, with ingredients that are gentler than other skincare formulas. Most of these products can be applied on the daily without making the skin greasy or blocking the pores.

You should make sure that the wax products used in a wax session complement the best skincare treatment. This means natural ingredients that prevent the appearance of infections or allergies, and soothing properties to keep the skin velvety and glowing for hours after waxing. Lotions infused with aloe vera and antiseptic solutions are all essential to keep the skin protected and healthy after a facial wax session, so it's normal to see them at the salon during the client's post-wax treatment.

If you're looking for quality wax products for your facial waxes, Beauty Image USA has everything you need. Each of our formulas has been thoroughly tested to ensure that no harm will come to the skin during a wax treatment, especially in areas where the skin is thinner and more delicate. If you have questions about our soft and hard body waxes, call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact, and our specialists will happily assist you. And don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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