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Mar 30, 2021

People can be very particular about their eyebrows. Eyebrows go a long way in showing a person's character and add beauty to the face, so people are careful to avoid making mistakes when it's time to groom them. The skin surrounding the eyebrows is one of the trickiest places upkeep because of how sensitive it is and how little space there's to work with. Waxing products are a huge asset, but you must know how to use them, or your client might spend several months drawing the wrong kind of attention.

The Right Way to Wax your Client's EyebrowsWaxing a person's eyebrows can be either very quick and simple, or one of the riskiest wax treatments you can perform. It all depends on the products you use and your control of the right waxing technique. During instances where the eyebrow's natural arc isn't as defined, you need to have a firm hand, or the end result might make the eyebrows look uneven. In the end, whether you're working with bushy or extra thin eyebrows, a firm hand can get you through the wax service in a few minutes.

A professional wax service has several steps, and facial waxes are no exception. You can't jump straight into waxing without prepping the skin and the work tools at your disposal. While it's true that eyebrows can be waxed very quickly when compared to other treatments, there's still an order that you must follow if you want the best look for your client. With this in mind, let's look at the process from the beginning.

Waxing your eyebrows step by step:

  1. Prepare your workstation and make sure to put on disposable gloves before starting the treatment. You can turn on your wax warmer while conducting the pre-wax treatment.

  2. While hard waxes are ideal to remove facial hair, people favor strip waxes because they make it easier to minimize the pain while pulling. If you're using strip waxes, remember to cut your wax strip until it's around 1cm wide. This will improve workability and precision when working on such a narrow area.

  3. Cleanse your client's face to remove all traces of make-up, dead skin cells, sweat, etc. You client should have their skin exfoliated at least a day before the appointment, but you still need to purify the area to help the process run smoothly. You can apply pre-depilatory powder to help the skin take better to the wax when it's time to pull out the hairs.

  4. Before waxing, trace the arc of the brow from the bridge of the nostril to the brow's tail. You need to remove excess hair to enhance the eyebrow's natural shape, but you must be careful, or you might inadvertently wax the eyebrow arc. If you need a visual reference, you can help yourself with an eyebrow pencil or a wooden stick, placing it between the side of the nose and each of the eyebrow's edges.

  5. Waxes usually reach the right temperature after 6 minutes, but you should start checking its consistency around 3 minutes after it's placed on the heater. The wax should be warmed until it reaches around 43 degrees.

  6. Use a spatula to spread a small layer of wax, always in the direction of hair growth. You have to dip the spatula into the wax, pull it out, and twirl it to remove excess wax. The wax layers are applied below the arc of the eyebrow and right above the bridge of the nose. Depending on how much hair you're supposed to remove, you might have to put another layer above the eyebrow.

  7. Press the strip gently against the wax layer to make all the hairs adhere to it.

  8. Rip off the strip pulling against the direction of hair growth while keeping the skin taut with your free hand.

  9. You can use tweezers to pull out the errant hairs that are sitting too close to the arc of the eyebrow.

  10. Move on to the post-wax treatment, applying antioxidants and soothing cream/oil to refresh the skin and stop the irritation.

Here are some extra tips for you to keep in mind: Since you'll have limited space to work with, it's very important to use very small amounts of wax, or the wax might spread beyond the waxing area. Also, the skin surrounding the eyebrows is particularly sensitive, not to mention that it's also very close to the eye. After heating, remember to try a little bit of wax on your wrist before applying it on your client's face.

Your client might have some specific ideas about what they want their eyebrows to look like. Perhaps, they want a very dramatic look to make the eyebrows stand out, or they could ask you to work on the entire contour of the eyebrow until it looks thinner. You need to have these discussions in advance and tweak your waxing method accordingly.

Similar to what happens with body waxes, people should wait at least three weeks before waxing their eyebrows again. Not only will this give enough time for the hairs to grow long enough for the wax, but it will also even out the hair's regrowth cycle, making it easier to keep the area smooth for longer stretches of time.

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