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Sep 23, 2019

Butt hair is not a widely discussed matter, but everyone knows that it happens and wants to find a way to make it go away for several reasons, from hygiene to appearance or sexuality. Buttock waxing is growing in popularity in wax bars as well as become an at-home hair removal option. The other option is butt shaving, which most anyone does, we guess. We are here to help you figure out which one between buttock waxing or shaving is most suitable for you. For that, we will explain each procedure, their pros and cons, and the best hair removal products to get a smooth bum.

But First, How a Smooth Bum Will Make a Difference in Your LifeButt hair can be a nuisance. When it's there, sports players feel sweaty, lovers feel self-conscious, and to sum up, everyone feels unsexy. No hair in the rear means a much cleaner and attractive behind since clothes will fit better, you will feel fresher and sexier.

The butt area hosts lots of bacteria that may lead to odors and possible itching, skin irritation and infection (yeast infections or urinary tract infections). Lots of hair and bad hygiene can aggravate this situation – hair traps smells and bacteria.

Although some people still have reservations about butt hair removal, it goes without saying that at this day and age it's extremely common to find people getting their bottom hair waxed, lasered or epilated by professionals. It's no reason for embarrassment, so do not refrain from it because of outdated ideas, whether you're a male or a female.

Buttock Waxing

Butt waxing falls into the category of intimate waxing and it's often included in services like Brazilians for women and Manzilians for guys. In these services, every bit of hair on the front and the rest of the genitalia, back to the butt crack is removed. Butt waxing can also be done by itself, and it also includes removing all hair on the butt cheeks and lower back as instructed by the client.

Here are the steps for butt waxing:

  1. Instruct your client to gently exfoliate the area a couple of days before the appointment. Advise a soft scrub, preferably with naturally antiseptic ingredients like tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil. Also, remind them to take a shower before the appointment and wear loose underwear and bottoms.
  2. Once the client is in the wax room, line the bed with paper sheets and give them a modesty towel. Be very professional while you briefly explain what the procedure will be and reassure them it will be safe. Encourage them to ask any questions they have and communicate if they feel uncomfortable about anything in the procedure. Remind them that they will have to assume some positions to facilitate the process.
  3. Check the client's skin for any sign that discourages waxing: open wounds, irritation, rashes, infection, too many pimples, warts or moles, or very recent sun or heat exposure.
  4. Start with the buttock area: clean with a pre-depilatory product and dust a thin layer of powder to avoid moisture.
  5. Check that the wax is not too hot, otherwise, you might burn this delicate area. Watch the direction of hair growth and start applying the wax in the same direction.
  6. Wait for it to harden (if you're using hard wax), and rip against the direction of hair growth, while you keep the skin taut with your free hand.
  7. Clean with a post-depilatory lotion.
  8. The area between the butt cheeks is very sensitive. Disinfect with an antiseptic pre-depilatory, apply powder, and apply the wax in small portions. Also, apply an antiseptic post-depilatory when you're done.
  9. Instruct the client to not wear tight clothes or use harsh products on the area for at least 24 hours after the wax. Similarly, they shouldn't do exercise, involve in intercourse, expose to the sun or heat in the same period of time to avoid any risk of infection.Pros of Buttock Waxing
  • Like all other types of waxing, buttock waxing lasts for much longer than shaving. Upon waxing, you will get at least three to six hairless weeks, which will diminish the discomfort of early prickliness that usually comes with shaving.
  • The whole buttock waxing procedure does not take very long. You'll be hair-free in no time.
  • Buttock waxing gets the area to be a lot cleaner before and after the procedure. The professional will use suitable pre-wax and post-wax treatments that clean and soothe the area to avoid infection risks.
  • Buttock waxing offers fewer chances of ingrown hairs and unsightly bumps.
  • The more you wax, the weaker the hair follicle becomes, producing finer and sparser hair if you are consistent.

Cons of Buttock Waxing

  • Butt waxing goes a lot better with the professional's training and experience. This delicate area calls for good hygiene measures and a technique that a DIY waxer won't master.
  • The previous point means that it's best done in a wax spa, which will turn out to be considerably more expensive than at-home waxing or shaving.
  • The skin on this area is very sensitive and, apart from the normal soreness, some people might have an adverse reaction to the wax, the procedure or both, which might cause burns or a burning sensation or itching. Any of these symptoms on such a delicate area might be very uncomfortableButtock Shaving

A considerable number of people don't want to get exposed to a stranger, so they opt for the quicker and more private way out: shaving at home. You can control how much hair you remove and go about the whole procedure by yourself.

Here's how to shave this area properly at home:

  1. Prepare the area beforehand: exfoliate at least two or three days prior to shaving.
  2. Get a few products and props: a shaving gel or cream, a brand-new, good-quality cartridge razor, antiseptic body wash or intimate wash, a hand-held mirror, a medium-sized mirror, and antiseptic lotion or ointment. Obviously, the most important tool is the razor. Forget about old razors; they're unhygienic and ineffective. Choose razors with a moveable head since those can adapt better to the curves on your body.
  3. Wash the area you're going to shave with antiseptic wash. Do not rub harshly.
  4. Put a big dollop of shaving cream on the area you want to shave. It's recommended to start with the area between the butt cheeks and then move to the outer area, and even to use two different razors for them.
  5. Lay a medium-sized mirror on the floor and do a sitting squat position over it. You can help yourself with the handheld mirror as well if you find it more comfortable.
  6. Shave carefully in the direction of hair growth, always looking at the mirror to avoid nicks and cuts. If you shave against the direction of hair growth, you increase the risk of cuts, irritation, and ingrown hairs.
  7. Make sure you remove all residues of shaving cream with plenty of lukewarm water, Apply a thin layer of antiseptic lotion or ointment.
  8. Keep the area dry by wearing breathable underwear and loose-fitting clothes. Don't hit the gym, beach, pool or sauna, and avoid intercourse to eliminate the risk of infection.

Pros of Buttock Shaving

  • If you can't get around the idea of having a stranger look at your bum from so close while on top of that they deal with your hair, then shaving will definitely give you the peace of mind you need.
  • Shaving is cost-efficient. All you need is basically new razors and a good shave gel or cream.

Cons of Buttock Shaving

  • Hair will grow back quite fast, and the stubble will give you a prickly sensation that can be really annoying.
  • You will have to shave a lot more often than you would have to wax. At least twice a month, you'll find yourself shaving again if you want to keep the hair really short.
  • Shaving can chafe and irritate your skin, as well as leave you with nicks and cuts since the rear is a difficult area to reach by yourself. It will be hard to see properly what you're doing, even with the correct tools.

The Best Hair Removal Products for Buttock WaxingSince waxing seems to win over against shaving, we are suggesting some of the most suitable waxes to get a flawless butt wax.

No-Strip Wax with Cotton Oil
Cotton oil is a soothing ingredient, which makes it ideal for sensitive skin and sensitive areas. This hard wax was formulated to provide extra delicate and smooth waxing. The low-melting point and comfortable temperature of application ensure a comfortable waxing experience, while its high malleability makes it easy to use even in difficult areas.
Sensitive Roll-On for Men
Male waxing is growing in popularity, and intimate and buttock waxing for the gentlemen are not an exception. A specially formulated roll-on with refreshing and antiseptic eucalyptus oil is just perfect for the most sensitive areas.

Detox Hard Wax Beads
Activated charcoal has become a very popular ingredient in cosmetics thanks to its cleansing properties. These beads provide silky waxing that leaves skin soft, bright and evened out.

So, those are the butt hair removal facts you just needed. Now be brave and make that butt wax appointment! Just make sure your wax bar uses only professional waxes and waxing accessories like Beauty Image's. If you are a licensed esthetician looking for the best waxes for intimate and sensitive waxing, call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form below to get in touch with us. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest info about us right in your inbox.

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