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Mar 25, 2020

Among a variety of waxes and hair removal products, one of the key ingredients of a luxury wax treatment comes with the consistency of the wax as it touches the skin. Not only is the perfect wax consistency essential to remove all the unwanted hairs, it also tends to be the tipping point that decides whether a session is pleasant enough for a client to turn waxing into a habit. Above all, wax consistency determines how much effort you'll need to put before getting the expected results during the treatment.

Both hard waxes and soft body waxes need to reach specific temperatures to acquire the right consistency and deliver the smoothness your clients dream of. After melting, the wax must have a certain level of viscosity to adhere to the hairs. Because of this, the ideal wax consistency is syrupy, similar to that of liquid honey.

How to Reach the Perfect Wax Consistency

Before focusing on wax consistency, you must know which wax works best for each session. Hard waxes are more effective in small areas (like the upper lip or the bikini area) and make it easier to work with shorter hairs, while soft waxes are perfect to remove hair from sensitive areas and larger portions of skin. With a texture that's slightly sticky, soft body waxes are the way to go when it comes to performing Brazilian wax treatments.

Many of the differences between soft waxes and hard waxes actually derive from the consistency each of them takes after being heated. This is why hard waxes can be removed without the aid of strips and soft waxes need to be stretched in thin layers when applied on the skin. The secret behind the perfect wax consistency comes from a series steps, starting with proper attention to the instructions each wax products displays on its respective package. Beyond this, there are specific measures that will get easier to identify as you experiment with different types of waxes. This is what you need to know:

  1. Soft waxes are applied at 30-40°C (86-104°F) and take around 20 minutes to reach the optimal temperature. Hard waxes usually take around 30 minutes to heat and they are applied at 37-45°C (130° F). If you are using large quantities of wax, you might need to heat it for a bit longer.

  2. Homemade heating methods are not unheard of, but they pose a risk when you consider the importance of a perfect wax consistency. Microwaves and stoves are known for heating the wax unevenly, to the point that certain portions of the wax can be too hot to touch the skin while others fail to adhere properly. A professional wax heater can help you avoid messes and ensure a temperature your clients can handle. You can look through the variety of first-rate wax heaters that are available for all types of waxes. This way, you'll get a long-term asset that will help you obtain the perfect consistency during each wax treatment. For further guidance, we can help you learn How To Use Our Wax Heaters.

  3. If professional wax heaters are beyond your budget, hard waxes exclusively made for microwaves are a great alternative. Beauty Image provides a wide variety of products for this purpose with its Sweet Dreams and the Champagne Fraises wax. Combining the necessary properties to acquire optimal heating temperatures in microwaves, their hair removal formulas help you sidestep all the problems mentioned above. All these waxes are available in jar format and safely secured in plastic recipients.

  4. Because soft waxes are more gluey and stickier, you can use smaller amounts of wax per session. It must resemble maple syrup in texture so it can properly adhere to the skin.

  5. Hard waxes are removed without a strip, so they need to be spread on the skin in thicker layers without losing their elasticity. This is extra important because you'll need to pull the wax out by the small portion unattached to the skin. At optimal temperature, hard wax usually has the consistency of thick paint. If its consistency gets too watery and runny, it means the wax is overheated.

  6. Areas where the hair is too dense or coarse ask for slightly thicker wax. This is particularly true when it comes to hard waxes, since they are meant to simplify your work when dealing with this specific type of hair.

  7. Before applying the wax on your client, spread some of it on a small section of your skin to gauge the consistency. When it has the right consistency, the wax glides easily over the skin. When the wax is too stringy and doesn't spread seamlessly, you might need to give it more time to heat. Trying small amounts of wax on yourself also helps you check that the wax is at a safe temperature.

  8. If you need the wax to cool down in little time, you can add more beads in the warmer or make spinning motions with the spatula. If the wax is overheated, it's best to start from scratch since the natural chemistry of the wax has already been tampered with.

Remember: the right accessories and equipment are imperative to get the perfect wax temperature without unnecessary waste. Wax warmers, spatulas, and a sizable hard aluminum pot will make the job considerably easier for you while providing an instant good impression on your client.

The perfect wax treatment demands quality waxes to pamper your clients and provide long-lasting hydration. Beauty Image USA creates the best wax products, tailoring each formula to your client's needs. To learn all the tricks behind the most luxurious wax treatments, call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form. And don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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