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May 08, 2020

The face is probably the highest priority in a person's skin care routine. Without having to say a word, a person's face tends to reveal their hidden thoughts and, sometimes, looking at their skin is enough to find a lot about their lives. The skin on our face instantly illustrates all the changes affecting our body and is often the first to come in contact with outer elements. It deserves all the love, even when dealing with something as annoying as facial 

Many of the known hair removal methods are applicable to facial hairs, but only some of them provide the desired results without making the hair grow back faster and coarser. Hard waxes and soft body waxes are a great way to achieve long-lasting results without disrupting the skin care routine. Usually removing all unwanted hairs from the eyebrows and the upper lip, as well as the fuzzy areas on the cheeks, chin and sides, facial waxing is a great alternative to recover the velvety texture of the face.

After prepping the skin, the esthetician spreads the wax on the desired area with a spatula. Once the hairs are adhered to the wax, the esthetician rips it off, pulling in the opposite direction of hair growth, and evenly removes all the hairs directly from their roots.

When free of paraffin, soft waxes melt at a lower temperature and save clients a lot of discomfort. Strip waxes, however, leave more room for error because they work best on wider areas of the skin. Hard waxes are removed without the aid of a strip, but they are best to work with when removing hair from small areas that are more prone to irritation and skin problems. The person's skin condition and the thickness of the hairs will determine the best wax for them.

Waxing facial hair involves many advantages, but it's not exempt of risks. Since there are no do-overs, everyone should know about these pros and cons before scheduling a wax session:

6 Pros of Waxing Facial Hair

  1. Long-lasting Results: A facial wax treatment keeps the skin smooth from two to six weeks, ensuring the perfect look without having to subject such a sensitive area to constant strains.

  2. More Precision: Because there's very little space to work with, removing facial hair entails a lot of attention to detail, and there are no second chances once you mess up. When we turn to shaving or bleaching, the results are often uneven and unflattering. Through waxing, the chore of removing facial hair turns into a treat. A precise technique swiftly eliminates all unwanted hairs and even makes it easier to give eyebrows the perfect shape.

  3. Finer Hairs and Less Regrowth: After each wax treatment, the hairs grow finer and less dense, and this comes as a very handy solution when we consider how hard it is to take people's attention away from errant facial hairs. The progressive attack on the follicles can eventually stop hairs from growing altogether, extending the period in between sessions even more.

  4. Inexpensive: Waxing facial hair demands little time, minimal preparation and limited use of materials. It also wastes very small amounts of wax compared to other wax treatments so it's usually a very affordable choice and considerably less pricey than other options like threading and bleaching. The type of wax used on the skin can change the overall price, but it's ultimately a cost-effective option that will cause no problems to clients with a steady income.

  5. Nourishment and Protection for the Skin: A wax treatment involves many additional benefits. The formulas used during the session serve as powerful antioxidants and moisturizers. Also, the skin goes through a gentle exfoliation process that cleanses the outer layer, which is particularly exposed on the face. While waxing, the skin gets protection, proper hydration and a soothing effect to prevent unnecessary damage during the treatment.

  6. A Specialized Service: Much of the precision that makes waxing such a reliable method comes from the esthetician's expertise. A professional wax treatment will guarantee quickness and comfort, while saving the client a lot of stress. When booking a session with a certified professional, the chances of uneven waxing, skin damage or side effects during the post-care period become almost non-existent.

6 Cons of Waxing Facial Hair

  1. Irritation:The face is one of the most vulnerable and sensitive areas. A quality wax can go a long way to reduce a negative reaction, but irritation, rashes, and redness are always a possibility. Mild redness, however, is a natural post-waxing effect that usually disappears in a matter of hours.

  2. A Potentially Painful Process: Another side effect of treating such a delicate area. The removal of the wax involves only a few seconds of pain, but this can be enough to ruin your whole day if you have a low pain tolerance. While some people might feel phantom sensations of pain minutes after waxing, it's important to make sure there's no pain after the post-wax treatment is concluded, or you might be dealing with potential skin damage. For women, hormonal changes during pregnancy and the menstruation cycle can weaken their threshold of pain, so ladies should keep this in mind before booking a session.

  3. Contraindications: People with skin conditions must thread carefully if they want to wax any part of their body. When it comes to facial hair, there are more limitations and health risks to consider. Facial wax can bring disastrous results for people working through a breakout or taking medication for a particular skin condition. It can actually trigger the breakouts, as well as allergic reactions, if the client is prone to them. People undergoing hormonal or blood-thinning treatments might also have to forgo waxing.
  4. Limited Outdoor Activities After Waxing:The face is consistently exposed to all kinds of bacteria and infections. Antioxidants and sunscreen are always useful after waxing, but when it comes to facial waxes, it's best to keep it simple and nourish the skin from the comfort of your home in the days after a session.

  5. Ingrown Hairs: Ingrown hairs are a common outcome when the client ignores the previous point, and can also result from a poor wax treatment where the hair roots don't come out fully. If the hair lining gets disrupted, there will be bumps and whiteheads on the affected area. With facial hair, such a problem is all the more noticeable and more painful to deal with.

  6. Temporary Bumps and Mild Bleeding: After pulling on the pores, the waxed area can develop small bumps. They usually disappear on their own after a few hours, but natural balms and aloe vera are good ways to help the skin heal faster. Bleeding is another common result of stripping the outer layer of the skin surrounding the face and it's an obvious cause of alarm for some clients. This is a normal occurrence as long as there's only mild bleeding involved and it should stop soon after waxing.

Facial waxes sidestep many of the problems associated with other hair removal methods. This is no reason, however, to go lax during the wax treatment. Facial skin is delicat; it deserves only the best treatment and the safest products available. Beauty Image USA takes skin care very seriously and develops the best products and accessories to ensure the best results while waxing facial hair. Call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form and start upgrading all the services you offer in the hair removal industry. And remember to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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