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August 19, 2023

The luxurious activated charcoal & caviar collection offers a full waxing treatment

Luxe Detox Soft Wax Can

The perfect complement to the Luxe Detox line has arrived. Luxe Detox Soft Wax is the new and last addition to the line, which now offers a complete treatment with three types of wax (hard, soft, and roll-on), plus a post-depilatory lotion and a lipolytic and detoxifying fango. Luxe Detox was released in early 2018 and has expanded twice in 2019 with two new products.

Luxe Detox Soft Wax offers the same ingredients that clients and estheticians know and love, now in a can. Caviar extract provides nourishment and reparation of the skin, while activated charcoal has absorptive and purifying properties. Their joint action makes for a wonderful skin detoxifier that bears amazing results: clear, smooth and firm skin in a single wax treatment. The whole Luxe Detox line is gentle on the skin and low in allergens, and this is wrapped up with a delicious blossom fragrance.

Soft wax is many estheticians' favorite because it's effective and easy to use, and the Luxe Detox line couldn't do without one. The exclusive formula of Luxe Detox Soft Wax is made with the highest-quality pine resins and a blend of the two signature natural ingredients to provide a treatment that goes beyond waxing and transforms into a complete skin detoxifying experience.

Luxe Detox Line


On Luxe Detox Soft Wax can's successful introduction, Adriana Mendez, Beauty Image's CEO, declared: "We are happy to present this addition to our Luxe Detox line. No waxing treatment is complete without a soft wax, so we needed to add it to offer more options to estheticians and clients alike, especially after we have seen the acceptance that Luxe Detox has gotten. We have heard so many great comments from everyone who has used it that we're very happy that people love it. That satisfaction is exactly the reason why we keep on improving and innovating every time we come out with a new product."

Luxe Detox Soft Wax can be heated easily and has a creamy texture that allows comfortable application and maximum effectivity, which can be enhanced with the rest of the products from the Luxe Detox line (like our Luxe Detox Sherbet, a delicious post-depilatory lotion).

Our new soft wax is bound to offer the perfect wrap-up to our latest great line, Luxe Detox. Estheticians have to look no further for a detoxifying and skin-perfecting waxing treatment that covers all the steps and fulfills the expectations of even the most demanding professionals and their top clients.

Luxe Detox Soft Wax and the whole Luxe Detox line are exclusive to Beauty Image. For further information about Luxe Detox products and the variety of waxing products by Beauty Image, call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or visit Find them on Facebook @BeautyImageUSATwitter @BeautyImageUSA and Instagram @beautyimageusa