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What Wax Do Beauty Salons Use?

November 23, 2022

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Salon WaxesEvery salon owner strives to offer unmatched quality in all their services. Body waxes are among the most exclusive treatments you can offer in your own salon, so clients' expectations are high. An assortment of the right Salon Wax Supplies will go a long way to ensure the client's satisfaction, so you can't settle for good waxes when you could get the best wax formulas in the industry. Today, we'll show you how the right waxes can make all the difference to boost your salon's reputation.

Professional Body Waxing

Salon Waxes SupplyBased on appearance alone, the waxes you see at the salon are not too different from the waxes sold for personal use.

Traditional waxes are divided into two categories: soft wax and hard wax. Soft wax is applied with a spatula and removed with a muslin strip to enhance workability while waxing large expanses of skin like the arms, legs, and back. Hard waxes follow the same process but they don't require the help of a strip to remove the wax. This allows more precision to treat sensitive skin and areas like the bikini line, the pubic bone, and the face.

Outside of soft and hard waxes, some establishments offer services involving cold wax. Cold wax is applied without being warmed or melted beforehand. Estheticians work with a wax layer that's already spread on a pre-cut strip. Cold wax doesn't provide the same accuracy as hot waxes when it comes to grabbing all the hairs in one portion of the skin, so it's usually not an esthetician's first choice.

The purpose of wax formulas remains the same in all cases, but you'll see that professional waxes are more sophisticated in their composition, combining vitamins, fruit extracts, and other natural ingredients to keep the skin smooth for a long time.

The Best Waxes for Your Salon

Now that we've covered the basics, let's address all the different ways to provide an amazing waxing experience for your client. Professional waxes bring countless improvements over homemade waxing. They're made to complement the esthetician's skills, and most of them are infused with antiseptic properties to prevent skin infections.

To satisfy every taste, salon and spa owners have to ensure variety, providing exclusive ingredients and high-quality wax formulas to bring the best results on all types of skin. Let's look at the most popular wax formulas among salon-goers:

Chocolate waxes: With cocoa as their active ingredient, chocolate waxes provide all the nourishment you could ask for during a wax treatment. For one, chocolate works as a natural moisturizer, toner, and re-mineralizer, so it's no wonder that the skin has a new glow and a silky texture after it's waxed with any of these formulas. Chocolate waxes also provide a pleasant experience thanks to their sweet smell and creamy texture, so you can count on their properties to help you relax the skin throughout the treatment.

Black waxes: Black waxes combine activated charcoal and caviar extract to give the wax its signature deep black color. Black waxes are favored by many estheticians because they provide maximum elasticity to ensure a smooth waxing in harder-to-reach areas. Their composition also helps detoxify and moisturize the skin, helping it keep its natural beauty.

Vegan waxes: The ingredients in vegan waxes usually minimize the waste of natural resources. For many clients, this means replacing bee-derived ingredients (beeswax) with a safer alternative like Candelilla wax, soy wax, or Bayberry wax. For others, vegan waxes can still use beeswax as an active ingredient but the product should be enriched with enough natural properties to enhance its benefits on the skin. Professional vegan waxes often combine mineral ingredients and fruit extracts to soothe the skin and reduce the chances of infections. By prioritizing natural ingredients, vegan and fruit-based waxes are also a gentler alternative to treat sensitive skin.

Sugaring paste: This is another popular option for clients who want a natural formula for their hair removal needs. Most salons offer sugaring apart from their waxing formulas to give clients enough room to find the option they're most comfortable with. Sugaring entails using a mix made of sugar, lemon, and water to remove unwanted hairs. On top of following a similar process, sugaring paste also shares many advantages with hard waxes, from a low melting point to the ability to grab the hair without sticking to the skin.

Roll-on waxes: Many clients prefer using roll-on waxes when a treatment demands the use of soft wax. This is no surprise as roll-on waxes bring benefits for both the clients and the estheticians. They help estheticians keep things tidy during a treatment, eliminating the need to clean wax residue off the pots and spatulas at the end of a session. Roll-on waxes also guarantee the same effectiveness you'd get with traditional soft waxes and, for many people, they are the ideal way to get a smoother process.

Salon WaxAll these wax products are made to enhance the esthetician's performance, but that's only a part of it. When you have the most renowned brands as part of your catalog, you also harness all their signature traits to make your services stand out from the competition, setting an example of quality and efficiency in the hair removal industry.

Secure the best waxes in the market and give your clients the luxury experience they deserve. Beauty Image USA produces the widest variety of formulas to help estheticians breeze through any treatment. You can save time finding all the products you need in one single place, so don't hesitate to reach out to our specialists for more information about our products. You can call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form. And if you want to be the first to know about our monthly deals and discounts, subscribe to our newsletter so you won't miss anything and get the latest news straight to your inbox.

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