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What to Use After Waxing?

Dec 08, 2020

If you've been to a wax appointment before, you've probably already experienced all the advantages of having a regular waxing regime. A single wax session can reduce the number of body hairs growing on your skin and work wonders on your self-confidence. To get these results, however, you need to count on the skills of a certified esthetician and the best products in the hair removal industry. When it comes to post-waxing care, a client's discipline in the days after a session is just as important as the post-wax treatment.

Why Is Post-Wax Care Important?

A wax session is never fully pain-free, and proper post-wax care keeps these brief moments of pain from turning into something much harder to treat. Some wax products offer a soft texture to relax the skin while others provide an enhanced ripping power to avoid damaging the skin upon removal. Despite all this, wax sessions can still put a strain on the skin, whether due to sudden temperature changes or because the skin around the area is too sensitive. The right waxing technique will keep you from suffering any lasting damage, but it's through a proper post-wax treatment that you will ensure that the skin stays soft and shiny once you leave the waxing room.

Proper post-wax treatment heals the skin before bumps have time to grow. It also protects the skin against germs and bacteria, and this means a lot when you realize that your pores are bound to make contact with many elements and substances before they are fully healed. It's important to know the right formulas to use during the aftercare period or your skin could suffer a negative reaction, so we've compiled a list of ingredients you can try:

  • Aloe vera: This plant has powerful healing properties that will quickly reduce inflammation. If your skin has bumps or blood spots after a wax, gels, and lotions enriched with aloe vera will nourish it back to health without leaving marks behind.

  • Apple cider vinegar: This is a common ingredient to treat sensitive skin. The properties of apple cider vinegar take care of removing all germs and bacteria, and preventing acne breakouts, eczema, and other skin conditions.

  • Vitamins: Vitamins A, B, C, E, and F have a deep nourishing effect when you combine them in a single Post-Depilatory Cream. Vitamin A and E make the skin healthier and more radiant while supporting its immune system. B-complex vitamins counter the effects of premature aging by boosting the reproduction of cells. Vitamin C helps protect the skin against UV rays while the protective properties of Vitamin E prevent inflammation and other post-wax problems.

  • Lemon extract: Formulas enriched with lemon extract have a high concentration of vitamin C, helping improve the hydration of naturally dry skin. The lemon extract also works as an effective cleanser that detoxifies the pores while stimulating cellular production on the skin. Beauty Image's Foli End Cream uses the power of lemon extract to keep the skin protected before and after a wax treatment.

  • Shea butter: Shea butter moisturizes the skin, enhancing its natural softness after all the unwanted hairs have been removed. The vitamins in shea butter also work as an effective remedy against inflammation and infection. Our signature Post-Depilatory Cream combines the power of shea butter with other natural properties that accelerate the healing process while creating a pleasant sensation on the skin.

What to Avoid After Waxing

Optimal post-wax care also entails knowing what to avoid, both in your skincare routine and in your day-to-day life. Some things that might damage your skin after a wax treatment:

  • Hot showers: It can be difficult to find the right time to shower around a wax appointment. Showering after a wax is the best way to get rid of the stickiness left on the skin but might cause some discomfort if you subject the skin to a drastic temperature change. Many people prefer a pre-wax shower, but if you don't let enough time pass between the shower and the treatment, it might be harder to remove all the hairs evenly. In both cases, hot water acts as a huge risk factor. If you want to wash your skin after a wax, wait a couple of hours and make sure that the water is cool enough to soothe the irritation.

  • High temperatures: After reading the point above, it won't surprise you to discover that all sources of heat are harmful for newly waxed skin. Direct exposure to UV rays will cause redness and irritation, so you should cover your skin if you have to go outdoors. Remember to keep your distance when using heat appliances and stay away from saunas.

  • Perfumed oils and creams: Fragrances and other artificial ingredients might cause irritation, rashes, and allergic breakouts.

  • Sweat and bacteria on your pores: Sweat is probably the most common cause of infection on newly waxed skin. This is yet another reason why heat sources should be absent during the healing process. You should also avoid doing physical activities and wash your skin at the first sign of perspiration.

  • Prodding the skin: Some people start touching, picking, or scratching the skin to ease some of the post-wax itchiness and, in other cases, to gauge the size of bumps. Many of the products mentioned above are viable options to soothe the skin without causing further damage. Touching the area mindlessly will only increase the chances of infection and the appearance of ingrown hairs. Loose clothes are also recommended to keep the fabric from scratching the skin whenever you move.

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