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What to Put on Skin After Waxing?

Oct 28, 2020

Never underestimate the power of proper aftercare. To keep the skin smooth, post-waxing care is as important as the wax itself. After waxing, the skin is very tender. The slightest contact with foreign objects might onset an allergic reaction when you skip over the proper treatment required after having removed all the hairs. The right products help the skin release tension through pleasant textures and gentle application. On a deeper level, they will boost the healing process while repelling germs, bacteria, and other elements that might cause any harm. We guide you through all the products you must have (and everything you have to avoid) for proper post-wax treatment.

The Importance of Post-Waxing Care

It's very important to pamper the skin after a wax. No matter how gentle the wax, the skin will ultimately be more sensitive to infections after a treatment, even after growing used to it from repeated sessions. The right combination of post-wax products helps control the leftover irritation and protects the skin from germs and bacteria. It also hastens the healing process to prevent swelling and injuries when the skin is more sensitive. In short, post-waxing care is essential to:

  • Alleviate the itchiness and the burning sensation left from the wax.
  • Prevent swelling and keep the bumps to a minimum after the hairs are pulled out from the follicles.
  • Protect the skin from infections on the open pores.
  • Prevent an allergic reaction.
  • Disinfect and moisturize the skin.
  • Promote the smoothness of the skin.
  • Prolong the effects of the wax on the skin.

Products to Use on Your Post-Wax Treatment

For a post-wax treatment, you can't use your average lotion. Post-depilatory formulas are similar to a regular skincare products in the sense that they act as moisturizers, spreading a series of nurturing properties while absorbing the heat of the wax. Unlike most regular skincare products, however, they must also boost the skin's recovery, prompt the regeneration of cells, and shield delicate parts of the skin against damage from outside elements. A proper post-wax treatment can't be without the following:

  • Cold compresses: A clean washcloth or a towel soaked in cool water will soak up the burning sensation left on recently waxed skin, giving a refreshing effect that will immediately relax the joints and soothe the pores. It also prevents the appearance of bumps and keeps the irritation at bay. Using hot water will only bring the opposite effect.

    If your clients want to replicate the pleasant sensation of the cold compress, they can take cold showers to continue soothing the skin. It's important to keep this post-wax shower free of deodorant soaps and other artificial products, especially if they are recovering from an intimate wax. They can also caress the area with plastic compresses and/or ice cubes covered with cloth.
  • Post depilatory gels: They complement the refreshing effects of cold compresses with the added benefit of several soothing properties that actively revitalize the skin after a wax. Cool gels based on aloe vera are very effective at bringing the skin back to perfect condition, and Beauty Image's signature Post Depilatory Gel uses all the anti-oxidant power of cotton extract to protect the skin against infection and inflammation.

  • Calming Oils: Post-wax oils combine several natural ingredients like vitamin A, E, and F to promote the health of the skin and infuse a general feeling of comfort. Our Post Post Depilatory Calming Oil has the most powerful healing effect, combining natural ingredients that make it suitable for all skin types and parts of the body. Other ingredients that serve as great moisturizers are eucalyptus oil, cocoa butter, oats, and strawberry extract.

    Some calming oils are too greasy for certain skin types, others might harm sensitive skin. It's important to check the product's composition before using it in a post-wax treatment.

  • Creams and Lotions: When it comes to post-wax care, light, non-comedogenic lotions are the best choice. They help restore the optimal pH of the skin and provide protection against inflammation. The shea butter and oat in Beauty Image's Post Depilatory Cream act as great moisturizers, fortifying the skin as it absorbs their anti-oxidant properties. A post depilatory lotion might temporality replace the cream usually applied after the shower to continue encouraging the skin's recovery without risking an infection caused by fragrances and colorants.

What Not to Put on the Skin

Even though most estheticians know which products/components to avoid during their post-waxing care, it's still important for them to talk to the clients about potential alterations in their skincare routine. These are some of the things you should avoid putting on your skin after a wax:

  • Perfumes and other products with fragrance. This might also include certain gels, creams, and lotions that are part of your regular skincare routine.

  • Tight clothing that could irritate the skin after grazing the freshly waxed area.

  • Sunscreen with a high SPF during the first 24 hours. After this period, sunblock will be essential to protect the skin from UV rays.

  • Exfoliants during the first 24-48 hours. The skin has just been stripped bare, so you can wait a few days before retaking your exfoliation regime. Avoid abrasive exfoliants at all times.

A wax session isn't complete without the proper post-wax products to help your clients relax and provide much-needed protection to the newly waxed skin. TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form. And remember to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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