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Jun 28, 2017

Not waxing while you're on your period is a common topic among clients in beauty salons or conversations between girlfriends. However, like many other waxing myths we have talked about before, this is not totally true. At first thought, using hair removal products during the first days of a menstrual cycle in zones like the bikini area might sound too uncomfortable and messy; even so, the majority of estheticians are perfectly trained and prepared to work professionally under these circumstances.

Menstruation affects the female body in many ways, both physically and emotionally. Not only are the few days of premenstrual discomfort bad enough, but also during this time, women's cognitive ability decreases, different parts of the body experience pain, and even the sound of the voice changes. The possibility of having the hair removed from our bodies during this time of the month sounds too far-fetched, nonetheless, is sometimes needed—a cycle beginning the same day of a waxing appointment that is scheduled one week before a relaxing trip to beach, for example. Given that proper measures are taken, there is no reason why not to wax while menstruating.

How is waxing different during menstruation?

  • The skin feels more sensitive. The hormonal rollercoaster women suffer from during a menstrual cycle doesn't only affect their emotions. Dry skin is common from the fifth day of the cycle, to name an example. Also, due to an increase of prostaglandin, the skin becomes more sensitive to pain and external elements. Although some women can handle the extra pain of waxing during that time of the month, this is an important aspect to keep in mind when attempting to go to a beauty salon, whether for something as simple as an eyebrow wax or for more delicate services such as a French bikini wax—it's best to avoid Brazilian waxes during menstruation to save an overly painful, uncomfortable experience.
  • In the case of any type of bikini wax, hygiene is essential. Almost all estheticians are comfortable giving a bikini wax if the client is on her period as long as the area is healthy and clean at the time of the procedure. If you're a licensed esthetician, you could include hygiene guidelines as a part of the pre-wax instructions to give to new clients and ensure there won't be any surprises for you or the customer.

  • Side effects have a higher tendency to appear. In general, from around day 22 of your menstrual cycle to the day 4 of the following one, the skin becomes greasy and oily—this is why acne breakouts happen a few days before menstruation. Therefore, common side effects like pimples are more likely to appear. This isn't something to go crazy about though; the appearance of pimples or red bumps can be prevented with gentle exfoliation 24 to 48 hours prior to and after the treatment, and with professional post-waxing products to keep the skin healthy.

Which waxes to use?

If you're a professional esthetician, there are further strategies you can follow to help reduce pain for clients if their skin seems too sensitive for waxing during those days. Choosing high-quality waxes specially made to treat very sensitive skin would considerably ease the treatment. Sometimes, clients don't disclose the fact they are on their period at the moment of the appointment; make sure to interview them thoughtfully so you can treat them with the most convenient products.

At Beauty Image, we have several products that work great for sensitive skin. The soft waxes from our Crème line are formulated with natural rosins and titanium dioxide. What's more, this creamy wax melts at low point, which makes it perfect for client who cannot withstand too much heat. Our Ayurveda beads are also a great option if you want to use hard body waxes. They contain Ayursense, a plant-based product commonly used in Ayurveda Medicine that relaxes the senses; this product is made of an herb called Eclipta – family of the sunflower-, which is a natural compound that reduces inflammation and pain, minimizing the effect of the pull on the skin. Beauty Image's Ayurveda beads also have zinc oxide. Some of the benefits of this mineral for the skin include UV protection, sunburn healing, mild astringent properties, among others. In other words, Ayurveda beads do much more than removing hair from the body, they make the skin healthier, and also provide smoothing and relaxing benefits that are much appreciated during those uncomfortable days of menstruation.

Despite common thought, menstruation doesn't have to ruin your next waxing appointment. Excluding the bikini area, waxing any other area won't be different besides extra pain, which can be eased with products like the ones we talked about above and proper pre- and post-waxing care.

At Beauty Image, we have a wide array of soft and hard waxes to use for all types of skin and for all kinds of situations. If you're a licensed esthetician in the U. S., we encourage you try our products—your clients will love them! If you want to know more about our waxes, roll-ons, or waxing accessories, call us at TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or ask a question by filling out our contact form. In case you didn't know, you can acquire all our products from the comfort of your home through on our online store—to learn how, follow the instructions in our video tutorials. Also, don't forget to follow us on Twitter @BeautyImageUSA and Instagram @beautyimageusa, or find us on Facebook as Beauty Image USA. To receive more waxing tips about professional hair removal, subscribe to our newsletter

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Adriana Mendez is the CEO of Beauty Image USA, a leading brand in the beauty industry dedicated to providing estheticians, cosmetologists, salons, spas, and licensed beauty professionals with high-quality and sustainable hair removal products. From wax to pre- and post-care products, Adriana's commitment to excellence ensures that Beauty Image USA consistently delivers products of the highest standard.