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Oct 26, 2018

Everyone seems to have different rules when it comes to waxing and everyone seems to defend their point of view as the most valid one. There are several waxing controversies such as soft wax vs. hard wax, sugaring vs. waxing or whether to exfoliate before your appointment. Today we are going to deal with another recurring waxing question: should you get a wax before or after a shower? Apart from high-quality hair removal products, perfect waxing depends on lots of seemingly small details like these, so it is important to have the correct knowledge.

Here is everything you need to know about waxing and showering.

Waxing and Showering: The Truth

The truth in this matter is that people don't seem to agree about the best practice. Some estheticians will say that it is necessary to shower before waxing, others think that it is not a good idea.

What we advise is showering before your waxing appointment. here's why:

  • It is hygienic for the wax technician to work on clean skin. You don't need to have a special shower; a regular one will do. However, try not to shower immediately before waxing. Take your shower a couple of hours or at least half an hour before the waxing appointment. This will give your skin time to dry completely and help your body temperature to get normalized.

  • A simple shower will also help open your pores and soften the skin. Water at a lukewarm temperature or at room temperature will do.

  • Showering will get rid of sweat or lotion residue and make the area fresh and ready for waxing.

How to Shower Before Waxing

ere is some advice for showers before waxing:

  • Do not use hot water, and do not go into a sauna at least 48 hours before your waxing appointment. Hot water will dry your skin out and make it more prone to irritation or infection. The possibilities of getting your skin damaged when you wax increase considerably when you use hot water near your waxing appointment! You can even get your skin ripped off if you have exposed it to hot water before waxing. For this reason, forget about hot showers before hitting the wax spa.

  • Do not use a body scrub, body mitt, brush, or any other tool for exfoliation. Exfoliation is very important to prep your skin for waxing, but it must be done around 48 hours before the appointment to soften the follicle. If you exfoliate immediately before waxing, you will make your skin oversensitive and minimize its protective barrier. Even though waxing does not substitute exfoliation, it does strip skin of its outermost layer, so exfoliation plus waxing would be rather aggressive.

  • Do not use lotion, oil or deodorant after your shower. These products will minimize the adherence of wax to the skin, so they will have to be removed before waxing anyway. Use a moisturizing soap bar or body wash instead to soothe and soften the skin before your appointment.

  • Do not wear tight clothes to your waxing appointment. You will need loose fits and natural fabrics that allow your skin to breathe to avoid friction and sweating after waxing.

  • You can trim your hair a bit if you find it easy to do by yourself and think you can do it right. This only applies if it is too long (more than half an inch) since very long hair will maximize the pull and therefore the pain during the waxing procedure. You can also wait until the wax technician sees the length of your hair and determines whether trimming is necessary. This is because trimming too much won't allow hair to be grabbed and pulled out properly. Professionals know how to do it best, but there might be an extra charge for it.

How to Shower After WaxingYou can also shower after waxing if you need to or if it makes you feel comfortable. You should always take some precautions into consideration:

  • Do not take a shower right after your waxing appointment. Your esthetician will clean the area they waxed with a post-depilatory lotion, and this will eliminate wax residue, soothe the skin, and keep the area clean for a while. Take a shower with lukewarm water around two hours after your waxing to allow your body temperature to stabilize and your skin to lose some oversensitivity.

  • Do not use hot water, go to the sauna, use steam, or have thermal treatments done. Also, avoid pools and the beach. If you visit these places you will be at risk of infection.

  • Do not use too much coloring and/or heavy fragrances for shower products such as soap or gel. Your skin does not need any extra chemicals right after waxing! The same rule applies to perfumes and body mists, deodorants, and lotions.
  • Do not, under any circumstance, exfoliate right after waxing. The pores are open already, so the skin is sensitive and prone to irritation. Exfoliation would make it even more sensitive.

  • Dry gently, patting the skin dry instead of rubbing it.

Now you know it. Showering is important when you're waxing. Just make sure you take the necessary precautions at the right time to avoid irritation or discomfort on your sensitized skin. Premium hair removal products are essential to get perfect waxing results and minimal discomfort. Beauty Image has exactly what you are looking for: all kinds of waxes, waxing products, and waxing accessories made with fine ingredients and strict quality standards. Licensed estheticians can reach us at TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form on this website. Our representatives will be glad to let you know everything about our wax lines. To get the latest news about us right in your inbox, subscribe to our newsletter!

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