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Wax Beads: Perfect for Waxing!

Apr 18, 2022
Wax Beads: Perfect for Waxing!

Hair removal is a beauty treatment done across the globe by millions of people. It can be done at home or by a licensed professional. When it comes to hair removal, the best choice for a quick and hydrating experience is body waxes. Waxing is a beauty treatment that minimizes the possibility of skin damage and leaves the skin without hair for weeks. Hard body waxes are a type of wax that is used to wax sensitive areas in the quickest and least painful way possible. Hard wax is a treat for people with sensitive skin because instead of adhering to the skin, the wax sticks to the hair follicle therefore not affecting the skin as it would with shaving or soft body wax.

Wax beads are one of the most popular forms of hard wax and it is usually found when you visit a beauty salon.

What Are Wax Beads?

Hard wax beads are small pebbles of wax usually made of rosin or beeswax and are obtained from different trees like pine. There are additional ingredients and natural properties that are added to the formula to provide different benefits to the skin during the treatment. Hard wax helps simplify the hair-pulling process and it helps reduce the strain on the skin since it doesn’t adhere to the skin but to the hair. Some formulas add antiseptic properties to the wax or rose and chamomile extract to guarantee a pleasant experience for the skin and senses.

The Basics of Wax Beads

Wax beads can be used for all skin types and nearly all parts of the body. Using hard wax beads also makes it easier for the esthetician to work without wasting time because it’s a simpler method than soft wax. Using hard wax also helps with the clean-up process since the wax doesn’t leave much residue on the skin afterward.

Hard wax is applied to the skin with a spatula, and it is removed by pulling it off directly without having to use a strip. It can easily be removed from the skin after leaving a small area at the end of the wax strip for an easier grip. Moreover, since hard wax beads are formulated for sensitive skin, they require a low melting point to achieve their acquired, creamy texture. The low melting point feels pleasant on the skin and removes the risk of irritation or burns on the skin.

Hard wax beads have a jelly, honey-like consistency that is usually thicker than soft waxes. These properties can make getting used to the process a little harder than soft wax after it’s melted. Once you get familiar with its specific heating instructions, you will see that hard wax beads make the hair removal process easier and more efficient, especially when needing specific precisions for facials or Brazilian waxes.

Benefits of Wax Beads

Hard wax beads bring a lot of benefits to the skin that other hair removal treatments don’t provide. The most obvious benefit is that removing hair with hard wax isn’t as painful as your common wax practices. The wax can be pulled from the skin without causing a lot of pain, no matter what type or how sensitive the skin is. The hard wax formula can be layered and repeated on the same area of the skin without breaking or harming the skin. This is a great benefit if you happen to not remove all the hairs in the area all at once. Since hard wax helps maintain the skin, the skin is less prone to irritation, rashes, or infections. Even the post-care period after waxing with hard wax is a lot smoother and less irritating.

All in all, using hard wax beads for hair removal makes it a painless and stress-free process for both the client and the esthetician. Clients don’t feel as though they’re going to have to go through a painful treatment just to have their skin stay hair-free for longer periods of time. Most hard wax formulas are made with high-quality ingredients and natural properties and not with artificial components. Hard wax feels amazing on the skin and since it adheres directly to the hair and not the skin, there’s no sticky residue after removal. 

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Adriana Mendez is the CEO of Beauty Image USA, a leading brand in the beauty industry dedicated to providing estheticians, cosmetologists, salons, spas, and licensed beauty professionals with high-quality and sustainable hair removal products. From wax to pre- and post-care products, Adriana's commitment to excellence ensures that Beauty Image USA consistently delivers products of the highest standard.