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Tips on How to Get Shiny & Healthy Hair

Aug 26, 2016
Tips on How to Get Shiny & Healthy Hair

One of the most important human features is our hair! It’s the perfect natural frame for a face. A great haircut or style can determine our entire look. The color of our hair can also make us look younger or older, while boring, dull hair can make us look disheveled. Taking care of one’s hair can be one of the most frustrating things a woman goes through. Having shiny hair is a goal for many people even though some are lucky enough to be born with shiny hair already. There are a lot of reasons why some people may have unhealthy-looking hair: overexposure to the elements, a nutrient-deficient diet, frequent exposure to heat, frequent swimming in chlorine pools, etc.

Luckily, there are many ways we can maintain our hair to always look healthy and beautiful. Below are various types of products that one can use to get their hair looking shiny, strong, and healthy:

  • Always shampoo! Make sure you are using the correct shampoo for your hair type, and it can help with enriching your hair with certain nutrients, like Argan Oil.
  • Use a deep conditioning treatment. This should be done at least once a month, and persistence is key. To maintain the shine, you must be consistent with the deep condition treatment. Treating your hair with a moisturizing mask can help improve the look and feel of your hair.
  • Natural Emollient Oils. There are many natural oils that are great for moisturizing your hair like coconut, avocado, argan, and lavender oil. These oils can reach the hair’s cortex, moisturizing and nourishing it from within the hair follicle.
  • Try the honey hair treatment. Mixing 2 tablespoons of honey into two cups of warm water and adding it to your hair after you shampoo is a great way to get your hair looking shiny. Honey keeps your hair moist therefore making it soft and moisturized.
  • Use a gloss-inducing conditioner! Instead of buying your basic conditioner, try looking for a conditioner that is “shiny inducing”. Normal conditioners tend to weigh down the hair leaving it dull and unhealthy looking.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar. Use apple cider vinegar at least once a week to keep your hair looking shiny and healthy. The vinegar keeps your hair at an optimum pH balance, it also works great as a hair conditioner. Mix it with equal parts water, put it on your head after washing it, wait 10 minutes, and then rinse it off.
  • Make an Aloe Vera Mask. Aloe Vera is a powerful source of natural nutrients that are great for your body, skin, and hair. This amazing plant has vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients that help keep your hair healthy. Aloe vera also helps control coarse hair and dandruff.
  • Leave-in gloss treatment. There are a lot of leave-in treatments or masks that are great for helping to keep your hair natural and beautiful. These products will keep your hair moisturized and gradually hydrate your hair in the process.

Other ways to make sure your hair is shiny and healthy can depend on your after-shower routine. When showering, try using cold water for your hair. Heat is a natural hair follicle killer; it can make the hair a coarse texture, therefore, giving it a dull and unhealthy appearance. Keeping your hair looking shiny, beautiful, and most importantly, healthy, should be a top priority. 

About Author

Adriana Mendez is the CEO of Beauty Image USA, a leading brand in the beauty industry dedicated to providing estheticians, cosmetologists, salons, spas, and licensed beauty professionals with high-quality and sustainable hair removal products. From wax to pre- and post-care products, Adriana's commitment to excellence ensures that Beauty Image USA consistently delivers products of the highest standard.