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Sep 09, 2020

The road to a smooth hairless face can be frustrating. On one hand, there are not many ways to conceal facial hair. On the other, the last thing you want is to lose your skin's natural softness while taking out unwanted hairs, and many of the most obvious hair removal solutions usually lead to that outcome. Being both effective and gentle on the skin, hard body waxes are the ideal way to get rid of facial hair, but only when they are helped with consistent skincare methods that will protect your face both before and after a wax treatment.

Waxing your Upper Lip

The eyebrows and the upper lip are treated in almost every facial session, with waxes being an ideal way to give eyebrows the desired shape in just a few moments. While the process is not free of pain, many people prefer taking several hairs in one swift pull over enduring the prolonged discomfort of plucking each facial hair one by one. The upper lip is the most painful part of a facial wax because the skin surrounding the lips has over 1 million nerve endings and gets thinner as you grow older. The upper lip is extremely close to an area that's already susceptible to dryness (the lips are the only part of the face that's devoid of sweat glands) and the skin is particularly delicate even when properly hydrated. Moisturization is obviously important, but is it safe during the post-wax period? And how do you need to go about it to really help the skin?

Facial Waxes & Moisturization

Moisturized skin is a sign of good health. A good moisturizer improves blood circulation and stimulates cell creation, nourishing the skin even when we fail to supply it with the right nutrients through our daily habits. Moisturization is important before and after a wax treatment. When it's used to constant hydration, the skin retains its flexibility and is all the more suitable to endure the waxing process. This is why estheticians recommend regular hydration on top of applying moisturizers during the pre-wax treatment.

During the post-wax period, proper moisturization helps to close the pores and provides the extra hydration needed in the aftermath of waxing. While hard waxes don't have the exfoliating effect that makes soft waxes more painful to some people, the heat of the wax still leaves the pores open and the skin more vulnerable to allergies. A moisturizer can be applied gently and sparingly to soothe the skin and help clients release the remaining tension from their bodies. Here are the reasons why moisturization is essential to soothe the upper lip after a facial wax:

  • Facial skin is finer and more delicate. It is also more exposed to sunlight and pollution. Irritation can remain a common post-wax symptom during subsequent sessions if you have sensitive skin, so moisturization is crucial to reduce the risks of damage.

  • While there's no friction on the upper lip area, people unconsciously touch their faces several times a day. Similar to what happens with constant hair touching, this contact can still be a problem when the skin is already dry and it is a direct cause of infection when done after a wax. The refreshing sensation of a moisturizer can actually prevent people from accidentally touching their upper lip and nose.

  • If you have dry skin, a wax treatment without moisturization can lead to skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, or allergic contact dermatitis.

  • Rubbing alcohol is a common solution many people use to keep acne breakouts under control. Applying rubbing alcohol on your upper lip helps close the pores that have been stripped open by the wax, but many clients must forego this option when the alcohol intensifies the leftover irritation. When this and other anti-bacterial solutions irritate the skin, gentle moisturization is the safest alternative to help the healing process.

  • A lack of moisturization increases the chances of getting ingrown hair in the weeks following a wax session.
    Natural ingredients are important in all skincare products and they are especially essential for post-wax moisturization. It's important that the moisturizer is fragrance-free or you might just increase the chances of inflammation and acne breakouts. Avoid deodorant soaps when you clean your face and take a break from cosmetics for at least 48 hours after getting a wax. Mineral foundation is a good choice to conceal the redness from your upper lip.

Taking Care of your Upper Lip Post Wax

Moisturization is an essential part of a person's skincare routine. In a post-wax treatment, it is accompanied by other healing methods. It's important to know that the esthetician might always choose to dodge a step in the standard post-wax treatment depending on the skin's reaction to the wax. Two post-wax solutions that can also help in your moisturization efforts are:

Cool compresses: Even when the wax melts at room temperature, the ripping motion can still leave a burning sensation that's felt days after getting waxed. You can use fragrance-free body wipes, cotton pads, or a sterilized washcloth soaked in cool water to help the irritation recede. Avoid pushing or dragging the compress on the skin, you just have to gently tap the area to soothe your upper lip.

Post-depilatory creams and lotions: These products are at the heart of your post-wax treatment. Enriched with vitamins and restorative properties, post-wax lotions provide much-needed nourishment to kickstart the healing process. Some key ingredients that are part of the best post-wax gels and lotions are mint and aloe vera (soothe the skin while preventing swelling), apple cider vinegar (has powerful anti-inflammatory properties), menthol (has a pleasant refreshing effect that prevents redness and heals the bumps on the skin), and different natural oils (remove wax residues, protect the skin from inflammation and bacteria).

You can ensure a pleasant waxing experience while soothing the most sensitive parts of the body. Beauty Image has exclusive wax products and the safest materials to satisfy your clients' demands. Call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact to learn more about our signature line of hard body waxes and skincare products. And don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter so we can bring the most relevant content straight to your inbox.

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