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Should I Trim Before a Wax?

Jul 13, 2020

When performed at the right time and by the right person, waxing is one of the most pleasant and practical ways to get rid of body hair. With each new wax session, the hair becomes easier to remove and conceal, but you need to recognize the right time for each of these sessions. If you book an appointment too soon, you might lose your money on an uneven wax and the treatment itself will be much more uncomfortable. Even the best waxing products can only do so much if your hair isn't long enough and your skin isn't properly prepped. It takes minimal effort to make the right adjustments and get your dream luxury service. We bring you all the tips you need to know.

What to Do Before a Wax

If this is your first wax, then it goes without saying that you should talk with your esthetician of choice to learn as much as you can about the wax plan you're going to get, what to expect in terms of pain, the right products to help during the aftercare period, etc. This feedback will also help you identify what you can and cannot do in the time leading up to your wax treatment. Here are some useful recommendations to prepare yourself before a wax:

  • Take a Shower or a Bath on Waxing Day: This is obvious for sanitary reasons, but it's still important to clean yourself many hours in advance. Water can be a double-edged sword: on one hand, it will open up your pores and make waxing less painful, but it will also soften the hairs and make them prone to breaking when they should be ripped from the roots.

  • Wait for the Right Hair Length: While some waxes are particularly effective on short hairs, the best results come when the hair is at least 1/4 to 1/2-inch long. Very coarse hairs can also adhere to the wax without having grown the full 1/4 inch. Since hair grows in stages on each part of the body, it could be difficult to identify the right time when all the hairs are ready for waxing. In these cases, it might be best to push back each wax appointment until you reach the point in your wax regime when your hair's regrowth cycle has evened out.

  • Do Not Trim Before a Wax: In relation to the point above, you want the hair to be long enough for the wax to have a firm grasp on it on the first try. In addition, trimming disrupts the hair growth cycle in the same way razors do, only less aggressively because you don't have to cause friction on the skin when you trim the hairs. Either way, you'll only cut the visible part of the hair while the hair itself continues growing from below the skin's outer layer.

  • Beware of the Pain: There's no way to remove the pain factor from the wax treatment. Some areas are more sensitive than others and some people have a lower pain tolerance. The overall pain increases when it is harder to grab the hairs, and this is one of the reasons why performing wax treatments on shorter hairs is not convenient for first-timers and those with little resistance to pain.

How Often Should I Wax?

As you know, it usually takes from 3 to 6 weeks for hair to grow back. Even if the hair is already visible, it's possible that it hasn't grown enough to properly adhere to the wax, which is why an average of 4 weeks is important between each wax session. While there is nothing wrong with waiting until the hair has reached its full length, you shouldn't stray away from your wax regime. After all, the wax must be applied on a semi-regular basis to work its effect on the follicles and make it easier to remove new hairs in time.

It's important to keep the skin hydrated and exfoliated between sessions. Waxes can work wonders on your skin's texture, but they may also exacerbate some of the damages that are common on dry skins when there's no proper care between one session and the next.

With proper orientation from your esthetician, you can enhance the advantages of body waxes to revitalize your skin and keep the hairs away for longer. Call TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form to learn about all the formulas and materials developed by Beauty Image USA to improve hair removal for estheticians and clients alike. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter as well to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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