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Feb 27, 2019

Male intimate waxing is not new and definitely not unusual. Why wouldn't men want to look and feel smooth down there? Like their female counterparts, more and more men are looking for a more effective way to stay fuzz-free for longer. The bravest guys go for male intimate waxing and stick to it because they think any discomfort is worth the amazing results they get. If you are a young esthetician looking to learn more about male intimate waxing, or a guy looking to find a more convenient grooming method for your nether regions, we're here to give you the lowdown on manscaping and recommend you the best waxing products for men.

Why Is Male Intimate Waxing Popular?

Manscaping involves not only intimate waxing but overall hair removal to improve appearance and hygiene. Superstars like David Beckham with their athletic, smooth-all-over bodies have become role models for males wanting to look good and flaunt their attributes. However, the proverbial "boy next door" is getting more interested in improving his looks and feeling cleaner. Male intimate waxing has become one of the most requested services in salons and wax rooms everywhere and it's also profitable. Because of this, estheticians should invest in special intimate male waxing training and include male waxing among their services. Male clients, on their part, should give waxing a chance. They're likely to become regulars, even after swearing they wouldn't subject themselves to that kind of "torture"! Results can certainly convince them that the benefits far outweigh a few pain stings.

Male intimate waxing goes by other names, such as "Brozilian", "Boyzilian", "Manzilian", "BSC" are just a few of them. Wax bars and salons usually come up with witty names to make the services more attractive and boost their popularity as well.

Does Male Intimate Waxing Have Benefits?

Of course, that's why more and more salons offer it and more guys get it.

For estheticians:

  • Adds variety to your service list.
  • Attracts more clients and generates more profit.

For clients:

  • Cleans and grooms the intimate region for a much longer time than shaving.
  • Improves the appearance of the nether areas.
  • Helps men feel more confident about their bodies and enjoy their sexuality better.
  • Helps improve performance for athletes, especially cyclists and swimmers.
  • Dancers, fitness instructors, bodybuilders, models, and actors also find manscaping and male intimate waxing advantageous for their occupations.
  • Makes men feel clean and fresh, especially when exercising.
  • Many men feel that being manscaped, their clothes feel and look better.
  • Men are always in control of how much or how little hair they want removed; they do not have to stick to an unchanging pattern.
  • Has virtually no risks or contraindications.

How Is Male Intimate Waxing Done?

In general, male intimate waxing is not as different from female's or even other waxing procedures (the supplies and the basic techniques are pretty much the same). However, special training is necessary, so we urge technicians to get training before performing male intimate waxing. Likewise, we always recommend clients to look for the most experienced wax technicians and to find them from first-hand references if possible.
Male intimate waxing starts from the moment a client makes an appointment. Some salons will conduct a quick survey to assess the general state of the client's skin and health. It's also fine to get this information on an online form. It's also important to give the client a few tips to prepare the days leading up to a wax. Once in the salon, the client is asked to remove all clothing from the waist down and are handed a towel to cover up their intimate area as necessary during the procedure. The technician will inspect the area for lesions or other conditions that might discourage waxing and double-check on any health detail they may have mentioned in the survey. Gloves are a must in any procedure, even checking the client's skin should be done with gloves.

If hair is too long, it will be trimmed down to the right size, then the area is cleaned with an antiseptic pre-depilatory lotion – this is extremely important. At this point, the skin is ready to start applying the wax (preferably hard wax) and removing hair. Since the hair in this area grows in different directions, the technician will look at the growth pattern and wax in different sections accordingly. A good technician will ask their client to hold himself in such a way that the skin is taut enough to remove hair effectively and causing minimum discomfort (advice for technicians: never forget to hold the skin taut out of fear of putting your hands in the wrong place! You'll cause increased discomfort on the client). Positioning the client is also essential for a more comfortable procedure. Once the area is all clean, any stray hairs are plucked, and a post-depilatory lotion is applied to clean and soothe the skin.

Is There Any Risk with Male Intimate Waxing?

Like all other types of waxing procedures, male waxing has very low risks of infection or complications. Excluding the expected reactions (redness or some irritation), there is little possibility that an intimate waxing will lead to infections or serious skin lesions. However, this will depend on both the esthetician and the client's cleanliness and observation of pre- and post-depilatory care.

As for STIs, it is not advisable to wax a client with one. When in doubt, an esthetician should refrain from conducting the procedure. The same is true for urinary tract infections.

To protect both people involved in the procedure, hygiene must be perfect. Gloves, autoclaved items, individual towels and absolutely no double-dipping.

When it comes to inappropriate behavior, it's very unusual for a client to be disrespectful. To avoid this, always speak in a straightforward but respectful way. Do not use euphemisms or slangs for body parts; let all your words and actions be professional. For extra security, try not to conduct any procedure while you are alone or keep a coworker always informed about where you are and how long you expect to be at a procedure.

Last but not least, if a client is under 18, they may not be allowed to undergo the procedure unless they have a parental authorization, and sometimes not even so.

How Can I Prepare for Male Intimate Waxing?

The prepping steps for male waxing are not so different from any other type of waxing procedure. Learn more on our blog post "Pre and Post Waxing Secrets You Need to Tell Your Clients about."

What Products Are Used for Male Intimate Waxing?

Preferably, male waxing products should be designed especially for men. Different types of soft or hard waxes and good pre and post-depilatories are suitable for male waxing. However, antiseptic and refreshing ingredients are a plus. One of such ingredients is eucalyptus oil, which is the main component of Beauty Image's For Men waxes. Titanium dioxide also provides gentle exfoliation and brightness to the skin. Wrap up male waxing with a good anti-bacterial post-depilatory oil or lotion to pamper the skin.

Hope you learned a lot more about male intimate waxing and are prepared to carry out flawless procedures (or ready to get your first Manzilian if you are a client). Beauty Image is ready too! We offer the best waxes and waxing accessories, and we're only a call away. Call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form below to learn more about us. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter! We'll keep you informed about waxing tips and products via email.

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