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How to Wax Armpits

Jan 09, 2019

Don't you hate having to refrain from certain clothes because of the state of your pits? Let's take you just shaved yesterday to wear a sleeveless top. Today, the weather is still warm, and you want to repeat the same style, but you really shouldn't because using the razor every day gives you terrible bumps and irritation. Ugh.

You don't have to go through this inconvenience all the time, you just need to ditch the razor and switch to armpit waxing, which will give you smoother and longer-lasting results. We're talking about days on end of choosing whatever you want to wear without worrying about shady or irritated pits, and we guarantee it feels good. However, you may feel that getting your armpits waxed or doing it yourself is a little daunting. Well, no problem, we're here to explain how to wax armpits easily whether you use soft body waxes or hard waxes. You will want to wear only sleeveless tops all the time!

How to Prepare for Armpit Waxing

Get all the necessary supplies:
If you're getting waxed at a spa, you can skip this step since the pros will take care of everything. They'll use powder, wax strips (for soft wax) or hard wax, a pre-depilatory lotion, and a post-depilatory lotion. For at-home waxing you can include aloe vera gel to soothe the skin after you wax or use the wipes that usually come with most waxing kits. Small scissors or tweezers might be necessary for trimming. Last but not least, get a towel and old clothes that you don't mind staining in case you have an accident.

Shower before your appointment:
Armpit sweat is a bit thicker than sweat in other parts of the body. besides, more bacteria can grow in this area. make sure you attend your waxing appointment or start your DIY waxing session completely clean. Use a mild soap bar or body wash to avoid further irritation on the skin. it's also advisable to use warm or hot water to soften the hairs and open the pores a bit – this will make the whole process easier. Oh, don't apply deodorant afterward, it will only hamper the adherence of wax.

As we always say, exfoliation must be a part of your beauty routine, and it is especially important before waxing (at least a couple hours before, but even better if you make it a day). Use a mitt or body scrub to avoid ingrowns or soften any existing ones.

Trim if necessary:
Very long hair can be as counterproductive when waxing as very short hair. Use scissors or a trimmer and get them to about ¼ inch.

Prepare the skin:
If you have it available, apply a pre-depilatory lotion to cleanse the area from sweat or any product residue. Then, dust a bit of powder on the skin to absorb any sweat (remember that moisture minimizes the adherence of wax to the skin and the hairs). You're now ready to get down with the real waxing procedure.

Wax away:
So, this is the real deal.

  • Wear sleeveless clothes that are comfortable and breathable to facilitate the waxing process. Make sure you wouldn't mind getting them dirty, you don't want accidents on your favorite tee.

  • Test the temperature of the wax. If it was heated in a professional heater, it will be at the correct temperature; however, it is essential to check it again; it shouldn't feel uncomfortable (remember that you might feel it hotter than it really is on your armpits because that area is really sensitive).

  • Lift your arms as much as you can so that the skin gets taut and the process can really be effective.

  • Apply the soft wax or hard wax with a spatula. Spread evenly and thinly in the direction of hair growth. Keep in mind that underarm hair tends to grow in different directions, which means that you might have to figure out your growth pattern and apply the wax in sections according to this.
  • If you're using soft wax, adhere a pre-cut muslin strip on the wax; if you're using hard wax, let it dry for a few seconds. Lift by the corner and rip the strip or the wax off in one swift motion. It is essential to make a single move, no hesitation! If you notice that a few hairs are left back, don't fret; it's normal.

  • Tweeze off any strays. You should be ready with a single application of wax and you can retouch with the strip or with the hard wax as long as it's still sticky. Don't go over the same area more than twice if absolutely necessary of you risk irritation. Underarm skin is extremely sensitive.

  • Clean the area with a soft wax, adhere a pre-cut muslin strip on the wax; if you're using post-depilatory lotion or aloe vera gel. These products will also help soothe the skin.

  • Forget about deodorant or lotions for at least 24 hours after waxing. let your skin rest and recover. Also, avoid sweating and chafing, so don't hit the gym or wear sleeved clothes.

  • Enjoy smooth, clean underarms for 4-6 weeks and don't forget to follow your waxing appointments religiously. In the long run, you'll be more than happy you switched to waxing because you'll notice less hair growth and better skin – since it will get less damaged by the constant shaving.

Advantages of Armpit Waxing

We just can't stress enough that you will regret not having started waxing your armpits earlier. There are several benefits to it:

  • The coarser hair in this area becomes progressively softer and sparser if you wax constantly.
  • The skin looks and feels cleaner, no more prickly stubble!
  • The health of your skin improves considerably once you lay off the constant irritation from your razor. It becomes less bumpy and lighter (yes, everyday shaving potentially was darkening your skin because irritation accelerates the production of pigmenting skin cells).
  • You remain fresher and cleaner for longer. No hair means less opportunity for bacteria to proliferate in this area.
  • You'll be able to wear anything you want anytime!
  • You will save time on daily shaving.

So, now you know that waxing your armpits is not as complicated as you might expect. Stop thinking about it and book that appointment to start a new hair removal routine that will change not only the way you dress, but also how healthy your underarm skin feels. Armpit waxing is not complete without quality products like Beauty Image's wide range of waxes, pre- and post-depilatories. If you are a licensed esthetician, you can learn about our merchandise by calling TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or filling out the contact form on this website. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news about our brand right in your inbox.

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