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How To Properly Remove Excess Hard Wax from Skin

Nov 22, 2021
How To Properly Remove Excess Hard Wax from Skin

Professional wax products have become more popular in the last few decades, with hardbody waxes, in particular, being estheticians' favorite amongst a luxury wax experience. Highly effective hard waxes make the process safer for individuals with sensitive skin and low pain tolerance, so one can expect a more sophisticated treatment when professional hard waxes are a part of it. There's no denying hard wax provides a pleasant experience, but that has a lot to do with making sure the wax is properly used to avoid breaking the skin. Burns, redness, and irritation are all common mistakes after you've depilated the skin's outer barrier, getting the hang of all the best wax removal tips are essential in providing a successful wax treatment.

One of the main differences between hard waxes and other wax products is that hard wax does not require a strip to remove the wax from the skin; it can be grabbed by the wax itself to depilate the hair. Allowing for more precision but also making the removal process a bit more difficult for the unpracticed. One thing all types of waxes have in common, however, is a specified consistency that can make or break the entire depilating treatment. Before ripping out the wax, make sure the wax is at the right temperature to successfully remove all unwanted hairs.

The Correct Way to Work Hard Waxes

When it's time to apply the wax to the skin, it must be applied in the direction of hair growth. Make sure the wax is spread evenly on the skin or you'll find trouble removing it. The wax layer has to be thin since the consistency should already be thick enough to get a stronghold of all the hairs. Once you're satisfied with the result, turn your wrist when to leave a small flap for pulling.

Wait five to ten seconds for the wax to cool down, and then pull it off in the opposite direction of hair growth. When you do this, grab the flap with your dominant hand and use your other hand to keep the skin taut and soothe the area afterward.

Now that you know how to remove hard wax from your skin, let's address other important details.

Firstly, hard waxes may be reapplied on the same area more than once since they're formulated to ensure a gentle treatment where only the hairs adhere to the wax and not the skin. This allows you to repeat the application process if you are unsuccessful in removing all the hairs on your first try. If you leave only a couple of hairs, however, you can use a pair of tweezers to pluck them out from the root without having to reapply your wax.

Removing Excess Wax

Getting a clean result is not difficult once you get used to the consistency of hard waxes, but you may still get some wax residue on occasion. 

There are multiple ways to remove bits of left-behind wax depending on the tools at your disposal. First, you may loosen the wax using warm water, petroleum jelly, or natural oils. Always make sure to check your clients' allergies that may flare up to the oil's ingredients. After allowing it to sit for a few moments, you may remove the excess wax by swiping a cool compress or a cotton pad.

What Happens If I Don't Remove the Wax Correctly?

Due to the nature of waxing, you're leaving the pores bare after pulling hair from the root. It is normal for the skin to be a bit swollen for a couple of hours after a wax session. This is why waxing requires you to be extra careful, ensuring normal results of the treatment and avoiding unnecessary skin damage. 

Infection: Even when using the right technique to remove wax residue, you still run the risk of wreaking havoc on the skin when there are no proper post-wax care procedures. Poor waxing techniques will only allow the skin to be prone to dirt, bacteria, body fluids, and other external aggressors to infect the skin. 

Allergic reactions: Clients must always disclose allergies in advance, but there is always the possibility of unknown skin conditions they may not be aware of. Even if the skin shows no initial reaction to the wax, you should always proceed with caution. Ask clients to communicate the sensations they get throughout the treatment and advise them to be cautious of allergic reactions during the healing period (up to 48 hours after a session).

Drawing blood: Do not be alarmed. It is common when waxing sensitive areas where the skin is thinner for there to be some extent of irritation. Be cautious, though, and never allow for it to surpass a couple of drops. If you notice serious injuries, or if bleeding persists after having pulled the wax, you must disinfect the skin and encourage the client to seek medical attention immediately.

Ingrown hair: A common result of hairs not being properly removed from the pores. Ingrown hairs are caused by hairs that continue to grow under the skin's outer layer without coming to the surface, causing them to be trapped in the inner layer of the skin. They are irritating, visually unappealing, and incredibly uncomfortable. Ensuring the correct measures to avoid ingrown hairs will keep your clients coming back. 

When it comes to hard waxes, professionals expect the best ingredients and the most powerful properties to enhance the skin's natural beauty. Beauty Image USA guarantees this and more with our exclusive line of hard body waxes. 

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