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Jul 06, 2020

Unwanted body hairs are a universal problem. Luckily, there are countless ways to either conceal or remove them from different parts of the body depending on the person's need. hair removal products capable of providing a permanent solution are much less common, but they represent the answer for people unwilling to try more invasive methods. In the past, we've talked about the long-term benefits brought by a regular waxing regime, so let's take this chance to address one of the most pressing questions: How long must I continue waxing before the hair stops growing?

Waxing - What to Expect?

As you know, when wax is spread over a portion of skin, it adheres to the hairs from the tips to the follicles. After this, it's easy to rip the wax and the hairs from the skin in one swift pull. Because the hairs are ripped from their roots, they don't grow as quickly as they would when using other methods that only crop the visible part of the hair. A single waxing session can leave your skin hair-free from three to six weeks, but it's not enough to stop the hairs from growing back eventually. Then, why is waxing usually mentioned alongside mother permanent procedures like laser hair removal? Here are some ways in which a waxing regime leads to the complete disappearance of unwanted body hairs:

  • Smooth Skin for 4 to 6 weeks: By removing the hairs from the roots, the wax keeps the skin free of unwanted hair for weeks on end. The hairs must regrow from the follicles, so it takes longer for them to surpass the skin's outer layer. The properties of the wax products also enhance the skin's beauty and shine after the treatment.

  • More Waxing Means Fewer Hairs: The wax weakens the follicle's grip on the hair without affecting the skin's resistance to wax products. Regular waxing makes the skin grows less sensitive to outer elements. Other than this, the effects of wax help the hairs grow thinner, finer, and easier to conceal. Some follicles stop producing hairs not long after you start your wax regime, so the areas where the hairs usually grow start getting progressively easier to treat.

  • Easy Way to Reach Difficult Areas: Waxing is a great way to add precision in areas that usually demand several attempts with the razor. This way, you can avoid hairs growing at different times on the underarms, the face, and other areas where the unevenness would be too noticeable. This is why waxing is often used to sculpt eyebrows so they can maintain the perfect shape at all times.

With all this, what's the answer to the question above? How long before the hairs stop growing? Remember: Waxing is different for each person. The person's skin type, hair texture, and their particular hair growth cycle will determine how many sessions are needed before the hairs are permanently removed. Hairs can stop showing up after 8 months of treatment in areas where it grows naturally finer, as well as with people with fine hair. It's just as common, however, for people to go through years of wax sessions before the hair stops growing for good. Regardless of the case, you can be sure that each wax session will be worth the investment. No matter how persistent your hair problem, your skin will remain smooth for weeks after waxing and the time between sessions will only increase as you move on with your wax regime.

Safety Measures Are the Key to Great Results

After seeing experiencing the benefits of waxing first hand, people can take these results for granted. In other cases, they might rush into things when they see their hairs grow back after many weeks of bliss. This is why estheticians must always instill the importance of aftercare. The effects of waxing are always likely to last longer when the skin is consistently protected. These are some recommendations that clients should always follow to help along as the wax keeps the hairs in check:

  • Wait for the Right Hair Length: Make sure the hair is between 1/4 –inch to 1/2 –inch long before booking another wax session. As you start your wax regime, you might need to wait for the hair to grow beyond 1/4, but this will probably change if you stick to regular wax treatments. During this period, pluck the hairs around your face and other visible areas.

  • Stick to your Schedule: It's also possible for some people to become lazy and postpone waxing sessions after a few treatments. Once you start waxing, the best way to get closer to a permanent result is to continue waxing every 3-6 weeks. If there's a special event that calls for waxing out of your schedule, you and your esthetician can make slight changes to rework your entire wax regime without disrupting your hair's growth cycle too badly.

  • Do Not Mix Other Hair Removal Methods into your Waxing Regime: While you can apply as many skincare products as you want between sessions, shaving will disrupt your hair growth cycle. Other methods might generate unpleasant side effects if your skin is still affected during your next waxing session. If you want to attempt a quicker way to remove the hairs permanently, discuss it with your dermatologist before making the transition from your waxing regime.

  • Look out for Marks or Irritated Areas: Do not wax if your skin is irritated or if there are open wounds on the area you want to wax. This will only lead to infection and it will be harder to get back on schedule with your waxing regime when you have to take extra care for the injured skin.

  • Ingrown Hairs Are a Risk: A professional service should save your from uneven waxing, but the follicles are still left open and vulnerable to bacteria. Exfoliation is necessary to protect the skin, but you must also keep the skin clean and hydrated, especially if the area is prone to perspiration.

People who turn to waxing as a permanent solution to their hair problems must commit to a proper regime and follow the instructions given by the esthetician. Waxing has brought excellent results for people with different skin types and hair density, but cooperation between clients and estheticians is still required to reach the ultimate goal: the complete removal of unwanted body hairs. If you want to know about the best methods and products in the industry, call TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form. Beauty Image USA is always here to bring the best hair removal solutions to satisfy your client's demands. Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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