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Sep 23, 2020

It's normal to worry about breakouts after getting waxed. Just as the reality of waxing often turns out to be much less painful than our fear-ridden expectations, post-wax pimples are a problem that's easy to control and even avoid altogether. With proper precautions and the soothing effect of the right hard body waxes, you can stop breakouts from appearing, even if the skin is dry or particularly sensitive.

Will I Get Pimples After Waxing?

Let's start by addressing a common misconception. Breakouts are not caused by wax products and pimples only appear because the pores are stripped bare after removing the hairs. When we ignore certain steps during the pre-wax care and the post-wax healing period, some ingrown hairs take the appearance of pimples on the skin's surface. There are exceptions where certain skin conditions like folliculitis and contact dermatitis make the skin allergic to some of the ingredients in wax formulas, triggering the appearance of pimples post-wax.

How exactly do we get post-wax pimples? As you know, waxing strips the skin's outer layer and leaves the pores open to come in direct contact with pretty much anything, from sweat and dust to the chemicals in creams, gels, and cosmetics. When you have sensitive skin, even mild skincare formulas can generate an allergic reaction. The biggest offenders, however, are the germs and bacteria that can easily make their way into your skin after a wax. Since the skin is in a very delicate state, bacteria can stop the leftover redness from fully fading and prompt the appearance of pimples and bumps.

In most cases, post-wax pimples start fading 2 or 3 days after the wax appointment. If the pimples grow bigger, redder, and more painful to the touch, it's best to visit a dermatologist to treat a possible infection.

Tips to Avoid Pimples After Waxing

In all cases, waxing will result in open pores. No one wants to risk a breakout and ruin their newly hair-free skin, so clients must be ready to take certain measures to prevent pimples from showing up. We bring you a list of easy-to-follow steps to keep pimples away from your face. If you're getting pimples or acne breakouts even after getting your wax at a reputable establishment and taking proper precautions, stop your waxing routine and seek a doctor's counsel for alternate hair removal methods.

  • Exfoliation: This is an essential step to prevent the appearance of pimples and acne breakouts, wax-induced or otherwise. From dirt to dead skin cells, there are too many things clogging the pores at any point of the day. Constant exfoliation not only reduces the chances of pimples growing on the pores, it also invigorates the skin to the point that it feels softer right after you're done. You don't have to be rough while exfoliating, just use warm water, a loofah, and a natural exfoliator to gently scrub off residues from the skin. Even when the esthetician uses a special cleanser before waxing the skin, clients should still exfoliate before heading out to their wax appointment.

  • Sterilized waxing accessories: A wax treatment must always be performed with fresh utensils to keep the bacteria of the previous session away from the skin. If the wax requires the use of strips, they must be brand-new and properly thrown away after application. This same rule also pertains to applicators after just one dip in the waxing pot. Waxing chairs, spatulas, pots, and other accessories must be sterilized and sanitized in advance. A certified waxing professional will be meticulous before each new session to avoid all instances of double-dipping.

  • Apply baby powder: Often used in facial waxes, talc-free baby powder is an easy way for estheticians to avoid unnecessary strains while getting the hairs attached to the wax. Baby powder helps you get rid of the moisture that's stuck to the skin, making it easier to remove the unwanted hairs seamlessly. This, in turn, saves the skin some pain during removal and dulls some of the leftover irritation.

  • Avoid touching newly waxed skin: When the skin feels itchy, people are more likely to start touching and prodding, but freshly washed clients must do their best to keep their hands off the treated area if they want to reduce the chances of pimples and breakouts. Our hands carry countless bacteria that enter the skin directly through the pores. Needless to say, this will only aggravate the itchiness, while also causing redness, clogging the pores, and making it easier for pimples to fully form.

  • Aftercare: During the post-wax treatment, the esthetician will apply a calming oil to avert excess irritation and inflammation. Antioxidants and anti-bacterial formulas are also recommended after waxing, along with post-depilatory creams enriched with the right properties to stimulate the renewal of the cells. The esthetician will guide clients through the right way to continue soothing the skin until it feels refreshed and the burning sensation disappears. Proper hydration is essential during this time because the skin is more likely to get dry without nourishment after a wax session.

  • Modify your workout schedule: If you want to avoid pimples on the skin, you should avoid excessive sweating for a few days after getting waxed. The exercise involves lots of sweating and friction, and this will make your skin much more vulnerable to breakouts.

  • Regular waxing: Many of the side effects of your first wax appointment are minimized in subsequent treatments and disappear completely with a regular wax regime. This happens because on your first wax the skin is unused to the process and more resistant to the effect of the wax on the pores. As it adapts to the treatment, wax works more seamlessly, and the skin is stronger against pimples, bumps, and rashes.

  • A wax session has its ups and downs, but we have everything you need to avoid an uncomfortable situation in advance. Beauty Image's signature wax products, as well as our pre and post-waxing formulas, ensure a smooth treatment and a pleasant time for all your clients. Call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form and our specialists will answer all your questions. And don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter so we can bring the most relevant content straight to your inbox.

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