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Get Rid of Razor Bumps: Try Hard Wax!

May 11, 2016
Get Rid of Razor Bumps: Try Hard Wax!

Tired of razor bumps? Who wouldn’t be? Removing body hair with a razor can be an extremely annoying and painful process. Shaving has many disadvantages, and there’s a risk of damaging your skin if you don’t have the proper dexterity. Besides that, the most negative aspect of shaving would be that the hair grows back within three to four days, requiring it to be done more frequently than waxing. One of the best alternatives that can prevent all these issues from arising would be removing the hair with hard wax.

Hard Body Waxes

Removing hair with hard body waxes gives more advantages than shaving with a razor. The greatest advantage of hard wax is that the process can be done less frequently, about once or twice a month. The reason behind this is that the hard wax removes the hair straight from the root, therefore creating a thinner hair follicle than before. The thinner hair adds a softer touch to the skin as opposed to the roughness of a shaved hair removal. Hard wax is a great alternative to hair removal because it only affects the hair follicle and not the skin. Hard wax is recommended for all skin types, but specifically for sensitive and delicate areas like the face, bikini line or underarms.

We, at Beauty Image, offer a great variety of hard wax products that ensure your skin always looks the way you desire. We have different lines like our Classic Hard Wax line and our Finewax Cerapiel line. Each comes in different varieties for each esthetician’s preference or needs. Our classic hard wax lines come in Natural and Green Beeswax, both moisturizing and highly effective in quick and painless hair removal. Moreover, our Finewax Cerapiel wax comes in three different versions, each filled with natural properties that leave the skin rich and smooth. We have the Glamour Beads, Mediterranean Blue Bleads, and our Finewax w/ Cotton Oil available in hard wax!

Hard wax is a better alternative to shaving for several reasons. It's less painful and irritating, provides longer-lasting results, and is better for sensitive skin. If you're looking for a more effective and gentler approach to hair removal, consider trying hard wax. It may take some practice to get the hang of it, but the results are worth it. Your skin will thank you!

About Author

Adriana Mendez is the CEO of Beauty Image USA, a leading brand in the beauty industry dedicated to providing estheticians, cosmetologists, salons, spas, and licensed beauty professionals with high-quality and sustainable hair removal products. From wax to pre- and post-care products, Adriana's commitment to excellence ensures that Beauty Image USA consistently delivers products of the highest standard.