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Does Waxing Cause Sagging Skin?

Jan 11, 2021

Let's debunk a common waxing misconception. Does waxing cause sagging skin? This has been an ongoing debate over the years in the world of estheticians.

Many people believe since waxing involves repeated pulling this means your skin will eventually begin to sag. A licensed professional is trained to hold the skin taut and tight during the pulling process to avoid any excess tugging of the skin.

Sagging is a result of aging or reduced collagen. There is no scientific evidence that supports wax causing muscle damage leading to sagging skin. Our professional body waxes are formulated with gentle and natural ingredients that are meant to protect even the most sensitive skin from the potential aggressions. Our ingredients encourage the regeneration of cells and contain anti-inflammatories. Beauty Image Hard Wax sticks to your hair - not your skin, reducing unnecessary pulling on the skin.

The frequency in which you wax is also something to take into account. The typical waxing regime requires you to wax once every 3-5 weeks. This is not nearly enough frequency to cause notable sagging or wrinkles. If clients waxed every single day, simply holding your skin taught that frequently may lead to wrinkles.

There are various reasons one's skin may start to wrinkle/sag, but waxing is not one of them. It is important to always research and educate yourself before booking any sort of hair removal treatment to ensure you are well informed on the processes.

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Adriana Mendez is the CEO of Beauty Image USA, a leading brand in the beauty industry dedicated to providing estheticians, cosmetologists, salons, spas, and licensed beauty professionals with high-quality and sustainable hair removal products. From wax to pre- and post-care products, Adriana's commitment to excellence ensures that Beauty Image USA consistently delivers products of the highest standard.