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Charcoal Wax and Why It's Great for The Skin

Feb 16, 2022
Charcoal Wax and Why It's Great for The Skin

Hard Body Waxes are the most effective treatment that removes all unwanted hairs from your body’s most intimate areas. Hard waxes minimize the pain of hair removal while also bringing out all the advantages one could expect from a professional hair removal treatment. A well-known option that many estheticians prefer is charcoal wax. Charcoal as an ingredient is super accessible since it can be used for soft waxes as well.

Charcoal & Skincare

Charcoal is made up of a plethora of carbon-based materials which is activated when this black powder is dissolved. When charcoal is exposed to heat, it becomes more porous, so its absorption properties help remove toxic substances from the human body. Activated charcoal is all over the beauty industry, especially when it comes to skincare products.

Products infused with charcoal are mainly utilized for their absorption properties. When charcoal is added to skincare formulas, it helps treat impurities by absorbing the oil and dirt that’s collected on the skin. Charcoal has also been an ingredient in preventing or minimizing acne breakouts.

Although there are no proven studies on whether charcoal provides any additional skincare benefits, a lot of dermatologists and professionals in the beauty industry state that it is safe for regular use, as it helps prevent irritation and infection. People with naturally oily skin should use charcoal-based products or it can be used by anyone without risking any forms of damage or allergies. For this reason, a lot of beauty and cosmetic brands utilize charcoal as an ingredient in combination with other natural ingredients to create products like detox masks to cleanse your pores.

There is no way to prove that charcoal can help with the skin on its own but it’s always important to continue caring for your skin on a regular basis. Using charcoal is a nice addition to a wider skincare regime. Some good ways to keep the skin hydrated and healthy are regular exfoliation, daily washing, using products enriched with vitamin C, drinking water, and always incorporating natural ingredients.

Charcoal Wax & Its Benefits

Popularly known for its cleansing effect and dark color, charcoal wax has been proven effective for hair removal. Charcoal is a great choice for different skin types suffering from acne or other issues that clog up pores. The activated charcoal eliminates toxins and dirt directly from the skin. Charcoal helps prevent infections and the spread of bacteria once the hair has been removed and the skin is freshly waxed. In many ways, the properties of activated charcoal purify the pores, detoxify the skin and help protect it during the healing period after the waxing. When removing unwanted hairs from the root, charcoal does it without straining the skin. It maintains the same effectiveness whether you are working with coarse or fine hairs.

One of the popular aspects of charcoal wax is its purifying properties. These properties are the reason why once you use charcoal wax to remove unwanted hairs, you can see a glow and fresh look on your skin. Hard and soft waxes can both contain charcoal as an ingredient and still ensure quick and smooth hair removal. Many salons are usually expected to offer products that have activated charcoal due to its exclusive options. Since many clients are looking to see that post-wax shine on their skin, using Charcoal Wax is the best option.

Our Luxe Detox line includes all the properties of activated charcoal along with the moisturizing properties of caviar that leave the skin looking fresh and glowing. Our Detox wax has a thick and creamy consistency that feels great to the touch. Both our canned soft wax and hard wax beads provide your clients with a deep detoxifying effect that leaves all skin types looking rejuvenated and silky smooth. Since the waxes are flexible once melted, they are easy to work with without wasting a lot of wax to guarantee the perfect treatment. 

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Adriana Mendez is the CEO of Beauty Image USA, a leading brand in the beauty industry dedicated to providing estheticians, cosmetologists, salons, spas, and licensed beauty professionals with high-quality and sustainable hair removal products. From wax to pre- and post-care products, Adriana's commitment to excellence ensures that Beauty Image USA consistently delivers products of the highest standard.