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Aug 07, 2022

There are multiple hair removal methods to choose from nowadays, but most people agree that waxing is the one that provides the best results. Wax services have become a regular habit for people of all ages, with hard body waxes allowing a safe treatment in areas that used to be off-limits for people with sensitive skin. With that said, it might still be tempting to go back to the razor once we find errant hairs after a wax session. Shaving is still a quick, inexpensive solution that most people have easy access to.

So, does shaving affect the results of a wax treatment? And if it does, what's the best approach to deal with missed hairs after a wax?

Is It a Good Idea To Shave After a Wax?While professional body waxes provide maximum efficiency, there are still several factors that can lead you to miss some hairs. If you're not familiar with the wax formula, for one, you may not get the right consistency to help the process, and the wax could fail to grab all the hairs. Some of these wax formulas, especially soft body waxes, can be used more than once on the same part of the body, leaving you no choice but to remove the missing hairs through other means.

In other cases, the hair still hasn't grown long enough for a wax (estheticians recommend letting the hair grow at least 1/4 of an inch before booking a waxing session). It's not unheard of for clients to see some hair a few days after their wax appointment. This happens when people haven't settled into a wax regime, as it takes a few sessions to get an even regrowth cycle for all the hairs in a particular part of the body.

Whatever the case, the result is usually a couple of hairs left behind, and the fact that they're surrounded by newly waxed skin probably makes them stand out even more. There's no denying that shaving is probably the most common solution to deal with these errant hairs, so let's see how effective it is.

First of all, people can shave the hairs they've missed during waxing, and it won't harm the skin in any way if the client doesn't suffer from any sensitivity problems. Still, there are many reasons why this is not particularly recommended:

  • Shaving doesn't pull the hair from the root; it only cuts the visible part of a hair, leaving a blunt end that starts growing back after only a couple of days.

  • This also means that the hair's regrowth cycle is disrupted, with the waxed hairs growing at a different rate than the shaved hairs.

  • Shaving often leaves the skin dry and irritated, and this is not ideal for an area that's already delicate post-wax. If the client doesn't moisturize the skin properly, the problem is all the more evident.

  • The hair grows thicker and darker after each shave, often covering the area with a stubble that feels coarse to the touch. It undoes much of the progress you make with the wax which, in turn, makes the hair grows thinner every time.

All in all, shaving is far from the best option when it comes to removing errant hairs. Plucking the hair out with a tweezer is much more practical, allowing more precision and taking the hair from the root rather than leaving a blunt end. Clients can do the same if they find new hairs after a wax, but it's best to leave these hairs alone after the fourth day following treatment. This way, these hairs can keep the same regrowth rate before the next wax session.

If you're working with hard waxes, you can apply the wax on the same area more than once because it adheres to the hairs without sticking to the skin. This means that you can use the same wax formula to remove any errant hairs that remain on the skin.

How To Prevent Missed Hairs After WaxingYou can take the necessary steps to minimize the risks of missing hairs during your wax. After all, a big part of a pre-wax treatment involves prepping the skin so that the hairs can come off easily on the first try. Here are some useful recommendations:

  • Instill the importance of exfoliation in between wax sessions. Clients should make a habit of exfoliating the skin, and the area should be free of impurities before each wax. This will directly result in a better waxing experience: no clogs will block the pores and the wax will get a stronger hold of the hairs before pulling them out.

  • Make sure to include a moisturizing formula in your pre-wax treatment. A hydrated skin responds much better to the wax, on top of looking healthier overall.

  • Each person is different, which means that it will take longer for some clients to regulate their hair regrowth cycle. In the meantime, it's normal to get mild stubble or new hairs growing days after a wax, but leaving these hairs alone until the next wax appointment is always the best choice.

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