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Can you Reuse Hard Wax Beans?

March 03, 2021

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Green Hard Wax Beans and Spatulas After UseWaxing can be the ideal solution to forget about unwanted hairs for longer stretches of time. However, it can be frustrating to let too much leftover wax go to waste, especially when it comes to hard body waxes, which are known for being a bit more expensive. The best regarded practice is to throw away the wax that stays on the pot after a wax session, but many people can't help but wonder whether there can be exceptions to this rule, especially while working with hard wax beads.

Hard Wax 101

There's no doubt that hard waxes are very popular among clients, and they are especially favored by those who suffer from a low pain tolerance. Hard body waxes don't adhere to the skin while grabbing the hairs, so they promise a gentle treatment and fewer strains on sensitive areas like the upper lip, cheeks, underarms, and the intimate area. Some of the most important things you must know about hard waxes before going in:
  • Hard waxes are applied with a spatula. They are removed without the help of a strip, so you must leave a small tail or flap at the edge of the wax layer to rip it off.

  • Hard Wax Being Applied to a Woman's Leg
  • When you work with hard waxes, your wax strip must be on the thicker side to get a firm grasp on the hairs. It can be difficult to spread the wax evenly on the area before it cools off, so make sure to get familiar with the consistency before trying the wax on your clients.

  • Hard waxes are prone to crack if you leave them on the skin for too long. This might give you problems when it's time to remove the strip and you might have to reapply the wax on the area to pull all the hairs.

  • Hard waxes yield great results when used on facial skin and bikini wax services.

  • Professional hard waxes come in beads, and are usually sold in cans, jars, or bags. Once you melt the wax beads, the resulting paste can be spread on the skin at a temperature that's warm enough to maintain the sticky consistency that's needed for hair removal.

  • Most hard body waxes have a low melting point to make the process more bearable on sensitive skins.

Should I Reuse Wax Beads After a Treatment?

While most salons take the proper measures to avoid double-dipping, it's not unheard of for them to reuse melted hard wax beads. Not only are hard waxes more expensive than other hair removal formulas, but you will also run out of wax much faster because the wax requires thicker layers upon each application. Since hard waxes can be applied in the same area more than once, estheticians might use one layer twice to remove the hairs left on a previously treated portion of the skin.

Wax beads are useful when it comes to identifying the amount of wax you need for each treatment. If you have put too many beads on your wax heater, it shouldn't be difficult to avoid touching / dirtying the beads you want to reuse, even after the wax has melted. You can reheat the hard wax beads and use them at a later date, but only if you keep them clean.

Pink Hard Wax Inside a WarmerYou can also reheat the wax as often as you want, but keep in mind that, for hard waxes, the process takes from 30 to 40 minutes. You'll be wasting money each time you get a poor consistency, so make sure to use a professional wax heater and check that your working station isn't too hot or too cold. The wax must stay at room temperature or it will dry up soon after you're done heating.

All in all, you can provide a safe waxing experience while applying reused beads, but if any part of your workstation lacks the proper hygiene standards, you will put your clients at risk and harm the reputation of your salon. Here are some tips to help you avoid an uncomfortable situation:
  • Estheticians can only reuse hard waxes. It's not a good practice to attempt reusing other types of wax formulas.

  • Sticks and spatulas must be used one time and then thrown away. You cannot dip the stick into the wax pot more than once.

  • Following each wax session, sterilize your waxing pot after cleaning off the wax.

  • Disinfect your wax heater and the rest of your working area after each appointment.
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