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Feb 10, 2022

A professional wax treatment involves more than just hair removal formulas. There are a number of solutions that help ensure the client's comfort before and after the treatment, to the point that each of them plays a part in enhancing the effect of Professional Waxes. If you are familiar with wax treatments, either as an esthetician or as a client, you're probably know waxing powder as a regular part of the pre-wax stage of the session. Today, we'll look at the uses of wax powder to determine whether it's safe for people to skip this part before jumping straight into waxing. But first, we need to talk about what goes into pre-depilatory treatments.

The Importance of Pre-Wax TreatmentFirst of all, wax powder is just one of various elements that make part of a pre-wax treatment. In short, this initial part of the session helps make the skin more pliant so that the hairs can be removed later on. It ensures that there's no sweat, dust, product residue, dead skin cells, or anything else covering the follicles. It also reduces the risks of injury or irritation when the hairs are ripped off.

We expect wax treatments to leave the skin smooth, with no unevenly waxed areas that could lead to ingrown hairs. A proper pre-depilatory treatment is essential for this; it helps remove the hairs without straining the skin and helps you be done with the waxing session without delay. These are some general rules that should be followed before waxing any part of the body:

  • The first few steps are actually done by the client before they even enter the esthetician's workspace. Regardless of the area you're about to wax, you need to make sure it's clean and exfoliated. This not only means removing sweat and dirt, but also entails getting all traces of dead skin cells and cosmetics off the skin at least 12 hours before your wax appointment.

  • The early evaluation process includes checking the skin to make sure there's no sign of sunburn, acne breakouts, scars, and other issues that may leave the skin unprotected. If the client is still recovering from a particular skin problem, the safest option is to wait until the area is fully healed before waxing (or performing any type of hair removal service, for that matter).

  • If the client is taking medication, either for a skin condition or to treat a more serious disease, chances are they will not be allowed to go on with the session at all. Many medicines make the skin much more sensitive, which could lead to injuries or infection while waxing.

  • Pre wax oil will create an anchor for the wax to grab the hairs without ripping the skin, not to mention increase the client's comfort during the treatment. Remember not to use too much oil; after all, you don't want to clog the pores right before using the wax.

  • Check the wax temperature to ensure it's warm enough to roll properly on the skin but not too hot to burn. Besides providing the ideal texture for a pleasurable experience, the right wax temperature is essential to pull out all the hairs in one shot.

Do I Need Powder Before Waxing?Wax powder is applied minutes before you start to wax and after checking the skin is properly exfoliated. All you need is to sprinkle a small amount of powder on the area you plan to wax, and it will absorb all the excess moisture. It will also create a magnet that makes it easier to remove the hairs.

Professional wax powder can be infused with various natural ingredients, like corn flour, sandalwood, etc. It usually combines multivitamin properties to replace the compounds in traditional talcum powder, as the latter has been steadily relegated due to its numerous side effects (inflammation, wheezing, different types of cancer, etc).

It's common for people to replace this with talc-free baby powder when doing their waxing at home, which, to be fair, does reach the main goal of absorbing the moisture on a person's body without closing the follicles or risking an allergy breakout. All in all, can I wax without powder?

In the end, it's not essential to use wax powder on the skin, especially when you have pre-wax oil to prep the area in the same way. For many estheticians, natural oils and gels are the safer option over the harsh ingredients of traditional powder. Pre-wax oil also has the advantage of reducing discomfort on naturally dry skins.

Now, professional pre-depilatory powder is still an option that's safe and effective in equal measure. There are no harmful ingredients, for starters. It also keeps the skin taut and moisture-free, helping the wax adhere easily to the hairs. With the proper composition, your pre-depilatory powder can simplify the procedure by a lot, and it will show on the skin by the end of the session.

Leave Waxing to Professionals

Waxing has raised the bar when it comes to hair removal services. It makes the skin smoother than the razor ever could, and the results last for much longer. It's true that the popularity of waxing has made way for a variety of products that turn at-home waxing into a relatively safe approach, but this will never surpass the expertise of a certified esthetician if what you want is long-lasting results and a velvety skin.

When getting a professional wax service, you don't have to worry about harmful ingredients slipping into the process. Whether it's about pre-wax powder or any other wax product, estheticians know what works best, including the best natural properties to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. This is one of the reasons why Beauty Image USA has become a fixture in many salons all over the country, with professional wax formulas tailored to help estheticians bring the best possible waxing experience.

Get everything you need for a successful wax treatment with Beauty Image USA. We offer the best products to protect your client's skins throughout the session, including all you need for your pre-wax treatment. We are always happy to answer to your questions, so don't hesitate to call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form if you want to know more about our products. Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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