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Best Wax to Remove All Hair

Oct 25, 2022
Best Wax to Remove All Hair

Many people may prefer to go through life without worrying about unwanted body hair. However, there are people are regularly looking for the ideal Hair Removal Products to keep their skin silky smooth, all while reducing the uncomfortability caused by body hair in certain parts of the body. The search is over after they come across the ease and advantages of professional waxes. Let's see if all waxes are as effective when it comes to removing all the hair on all parts of the body.

Hair Removal Best Waxes

Professional body waxes are your best bet when it comes to removing all unwanted body hair while nourishing your skin and leaving no residue behind. What sets waxing apart from shaving is the exceptional results. Waxing reaches not only the surface of the skin but it reaches into the follicles pulling the hair from the root. After regular waxing sessions, the follicle gets weaker so new hairs grow back thinner each time.  

Soft and hard face and body waxes are the two main categories when it comes to professional wax formulas. This distinction mostly stems from factors like composition and heating temperature. Both soft and hard waxes provide high levels of effectiveness, with one wax layer being usually enough to remove all the hairs on that portion of the skin. Safe with a few exceptions, most parts of the body respond to waxes the same way: looking smooth and keeping a healthy glow for weeks.

Still, these products can't be used interchangeably in different parts of the body. To remove all the hair, you need a wax formula that's suited to the area you want to treat. The skin covering our faces is thinner than the skin on our legs, and some areas naturally generate more hair than others.

Professional body waxes are a sure way to remove all hair, so you can still remove all unwanted body hair even if you need more than one wax layer to do it. Hard waxes also allow that extra degree of precision that's needed to wax the most sensitive parts of the body like the eyebrows, the upper lip, and the pelvic area.

By contrast, soft waxes are ideal for areas like the arms and the legs. In these cases, the skin is thicker so it can withstand the pulling without causing so much pain. Another consequence of working on such large portions of skin is that you have more hair to get through. Soft waxes save time and enhance workability to remove several hairs at once with only a thin layer of wax.

Pros of Professional Waxing

By all accounts, professional waxes make things easier, enhancing the esthetician's skills while causing less pain for the client. These waxes combine rich ingredients like vegetable and fruit extract to nourish the skin. Many of them are specially made to simplify the job while removing coarse hair on skin that's still unaccustomed to waxing.

Professional waxes also have a nice set of advantages over generic wax formulas. On top of making waxing more efficient, they're infused with beneficial properties that provide multiple skincare ingredients. Some of these waxes have anti-aging effects that boost cell reproduction and the skin's natural flexibility. Other waxes are hypoallergenic and reduce the chances of skin infections.

Tips To Leaving No Hair Behind

Soft and hard waxes can remove all the hair with little effort, but that's also helped by a series of steps you must follow throughout the wax treatment. If you don't prep the skin before you start waxing, the hairs won't come out as smoothly and you'll need to use tweezers to remove whatever's left (or apply a new wax layer if you're working with hard waxes).

Some things to keep in mind to ensure a successful treatment:

  • The hairs around the area should have reached between 1/4 and 1/2-inch of length. Otherwise, it'd be harder to get all of them attached to the wax before pulling them out.

  • The skin should be properly exfoliated around 12 hours in advance. Dead skin cells, product residue, sweat, and other external elements can clog the pores, causing unnecessary problems during a wax treatment. The skin's outer layer should be exfoliated before waxing to prevent a difficult process and more pain for the client. Regular exfoliation also reduces the chances of ingrown hairs before the client's next wax appointment.

  • While the skin should be clean before a wax, we don't recommend any kind of wax treatment right after a shower. At this point, the area is too soft, so it will be harder to get uniform results in your hair removal efforts.

  • Ask about any skin conditions before waxing. The skin won't take well to the wax if it's still healing from an injury, an acne breakout, rashes, sunburn, etc.

There are also post-wax recommendations that people must follow to keep their skin's smooth texture throughout all their daily activities. For one, they should avoid hot temperatures, direct sunlight exposure, friction, and physical activity for a couple of days after a session. It's also important to follow up on the soothing effect provided by the post-wax treatment, using skincare lotions and natural oils to nourish the skin during the healing process.

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