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Sep 14, 2018

Sexy legs are always in fashion. Whether you want to hit the pool or rock a mini skirt for your night out, you want to show off pretty, smooth, and toned legs. Want to get celeb legs? You will need some "me" time, hair removal products, a few home ingredients, some lotion and perhaps one or two hacks for a glitzy finishing touch.

Follow our super easy tips and your legs will surely turn heads!

1. Get them Wet

The best time to apply these leg tips is during the shower. Relax in the shower, so that your pores open up under the lukewarm water. This will your and facilitate the next step, exfoliation.

Water also soothes legs in cases of tiredness or poor blood circulation. If your legs feel heavy after exercise, you can relieve your sore muscles doing gentle stretches in warm water. If you have frequent soreness, tingling, numbness, cramping or discoloration you may suffer from poor blood circulation. Hydrotherapy is excellent for this problem. Immerse in warm water for around 20 minutes to expand blood vessels and get the circulation going, then immerse in cold water to constrict them and tone them.

2. Buff the Skin

Once the pores are open, gentle exfoliation will be more effective. Take some body scrub and apply it on your legs in a circular motion. Make sure you exfoliate once a week, so you keep dead skin cells at bay and reveal new, glowing skin. Frequent exfoliation also prevents ingrown hairs: once the superficial skin layer is exfoliated, there is less of a chance that a hair will grow beneath that layer (or inward). If you are planning to wax, do not exfoliate right before your appointment, but the day or a couple of days before.

Apart from body scrub, you can make your own sugar or salt scrub and combine with essential oils, body butter or oil, baby oil, or other emulsifying substance to make the texture creamy and get extra moisturizing benefits.

3. Get Rid of Hair

Waxing is by far the most convenient way to get rid of your leg hair. Make your appointment at the salon to get expert attention or buy your own waxing kit if you have some experience waxing yourself. Hard wax is convenient for large areas like the legs since it allows control and it is practical to use – no muslin strips required. Just warm up your hard wax, make sure your legs are dry, and apply wax in dime-thick layers, wait until it becomes firm, and pull. You will get the smoothest skin in a short time. Don't forget to use some post-depilatory lotion to close the pores and soothe, clean, and moisturize the skin.

4. Slather on Lotion

While your skin is still wet, slather on your favorite lotion. Why while still wet? The water on the skin will help lock in the moisture. Use a lightweight lotion or a body butter depending on the level of moisturization you need. Many lotions have soothing ingredients like aloe vera, allantoin, and essential oils like lavender and tea tree oil; choose these for extra post-waxing care.

5. Say Bye to Cellulite

The dreaded cellulite can keep any woman from showing off her legs. Don't allow this problem to limit you, attack cellulite with an inexpensive solution: coffee grinds! (caffeine stimulates blood flow, which in turn helps tighten the skin).

6. Do Some Magic Tricks

Now that your skin is smooth, you wish it were enough to get celeb legs, but you can spot spider veins, a couple of marks, and uneven color. This is when you can pull some of the leg tricks up your sleeve: color or shimmer lotions are the most common leg enhancing trick. They usually have a light, mousse texture and come in a range of shades for every skin tone. If you don't have airbrush lotions, foundation and a bit of regular lotion can have a similar effect.

Combined with shimmer highlighter and contour on the most prominent areas such as the shins for extra glow. Whatever your airbrush choice, make sure you use products that don't transfer onto your clothes, otherwise, you'll get an embarrassing surprise that will ruin your flawless look.

7. Get Moving

Regular exercise tones muscles, which in turn avoids cellulite, improves blood circulation and shapes your legs nicely. Walk, jog, hit the gym or dance, there are tons of different workouts that fit specific needs and preferences. Just don't make excuses and move, your legs will get resistance, tone, a smooth appearance, and an even tone. Squats, lunges, leg raises and curls are basic and very effective leg exercises that will keep them looking great.

8. Pamper Your Feet Too

Beautiful legs don't match unkempt feet. Exfoliate and moisturize them, clip and file nails. A coat of trendy color polish will add the perfect finishing touch. Make sure you use a pumice stone under the shower or in a foot bath to smooth rough areas, then apply lotion. Moisturizing your feet can be difficult once they are extra dry. Avoid getting to that stage! Keep your feet moisturized on a regular basis by slathering on lotion every night and putting on socks to lock in the moisture.

You're now ready to take advantage of these tips for flawless legs. Beauty Image' s waxes and waxing accessories are essential in your perfect leg routine. Call us at TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form. found on this website to learn about our products. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news and articles about the world of waxing and skin care.

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