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Jun 10, 2019

Guys, do you ever get tired of grooming all those hairy areas? Do you ever wish you could feel fresher and cleaner throughout your gym sessions? More confident with your partner? Smooth for longer? This is all possible with waxing rather than with the classic – but inconvenient – razor.

Men need professional grooming and specialized hair removal products to eliminate those nagging drawbacks that shaving brings (prickliness, shabbiness, fast regrowth). Waxing offers much better results for an affordable price, so we are here to convince all gentlemen that they should book that appointment for their first male full-body waxing. They will definitely not regret it! But first, we have to show them step by step what male waxing will be like so that they forget the scary stories they have heard.

Step 1: Deciding

It may be hard to get a gentleman to make up his mind to get waxed. It means feeling exposed while the esthetician does their job, ignoring how to deal with the procedure if they've never done it, and enduring the discomfort. Any man looking to switch to waxing after a lifetime of shaving should know those things. If they know they can sit through the whole procedure without embarrassment, bear the discomfort of waxing, and commit to taking care of their skin after the procedure, they're good to go. But we should warn that it's best for a total newbie to waxing not to attempt male full-body waxing in the first time! As much as men are thought to endure physical discomfort better, it's best to get familiar with the waxing procedure at least once in a single body area before moving on to the full body.

In any case, the client will be better off looking for first-hand recommendations to a certain wax bar or waxing professional. It's always better to trust someone's recommendation than try a new place off the bat.

Male full-body waxes are not always the same, it depends on the place. Some wax bars include face, intimate, legs, and arms in the same package, while others might include face, intimate, legs, and back. Clients can ask and make sure they are getting the services they want or customize a package to their needs (which may turn out to be more expensive).

Step 2: Getting Prepared

Any type of waxing calls for the same prepping steps, which are the responsibility of both the client and the esthetician. The client should shower before the appointment, exfoliate at least one day before, and make sure the skin is healthy (no sores, cuts, or irritations). And of course, grow hair to the desired length (at least one-quarter of an inch). Male waxing sometimes implies an extra prepping step, which is trimming. If the hair is too long, the procedure will be more painful. Since it's difficult to reach some body areas and get the trimming well done, it's better to leave this to the professionals.

From the part of the esthetician, the waxing session always starts with a visual examination of the area, a few questions about skin health, and cleansing with pre-depilatories. Needless to say, all other technical aspects like autoclaved items, a strict policy to wear gloves, a sanitized room and linen, and high-quality waxes, should also be covered. Any client should make sure they are paying for utmost professionalism, even though it might come off a bit pricey.

Any client coming in for a male full body waxing should be aware that several procedures at once might cause a lot of discomfort, especially on hairier clients.

Step 3: The Actual Waxing Procedure

The basic waxing technique is the same regardless of gender and area. Soft or hard wax should be applied in the direction of hair growth and ripped against it while the skin is held taut to avoid skin from getting too pulled. The esthetician might apply pressure on the skin as soon as he rips off the wax; this is to soothe the nerve endings and diminish the sensation of pain.

Some types of waxing take special training, which is why we recommend going to the experts. For instance, in male intimate waxing, it's necessary to instruct the client to aid the professional in the process holding skin taut and positioning himself since it's a very delicate area. Hair growing in different directions is another "issue" that pros know how to deal with, for example in underarm waxing. Back waxing is another common procedure for men, and it's best done by the pros. You can get the whole picture on our blog post "Back Waxing Tips for Men."

All in all, the waxing procedure is not as dreadful as others may have depicted it, but the truth is that everyone's experience is different according to their pain threshold, attitude, skin type, and even body area to be waxed.

Step 4: Post-care

The esthetician will cleanse, soothe, and protect your skin with a post-depilatory product, and they might also lend you a cool towel. However, at home post-care continues. Every client should take precautions like avoiding heat, chafing, sun exposure, and irritation. Freshly waxes skin is more vulnerable to problems, so it's important to apply good aftercare. No pools, the beach, sunny walks, sports, sex, or heat for at least 24 hours after the appointment.

Clients should be encouraged to take care of the area with cool gels or lotions, loose clothes, and gentle washing for a while after the procedure. Post-depilatories with eucalyptus oil refresh the skin and avoid inflammation and infection, so they are perfect for aftercare.

Step 5: Maintenance

Contrary to popular belief, many gentlemen who come in for a first wax become regulars. To become a regular, however, the client should commit to waxing from then on and ditch the razor, besides exfoliating frequently and keeping the skin hydrated to ensure the best results possible after each appointment. Estheticians should show an encouraging and open disposition to help the clients and make them want to come back. If you are a professional, always answer your clients' questions in a friendly yet knowledgeable way and instruct them on every step they should take to prep and maintain their skin. They will be very grateful and reward you with loyalty.

Male waxing is a well-paid procedure that every pro should include in their wax bar and every man should try at least once if they want to take a burden off their hair grooming routine. Do not forget that high-quality products also come into play for amazing results and at Beauty Image we got your back. We have a special line For Men that caters to the needs of male waxing. To learn more, call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form below; we'll be glad to help you. Subscribe to our newsletter if you want the latest info about us right in your inbox.

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