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3 Areas Most Sensitive to Pain and How to Wax Them

Aug 02, 2017

Although estheticians can't offer pain-free waxing treatments, several methods do exist to reduce its intensity. As a licensed esthetician, you're surely familiar with calming oils, tea tree creams, and aromatic therapy to prepare the body and ease the mind before a waxing session. However, the human body is complicated—what works for a woman's bikini line might not work for a man's intimate waxing. The same waxing technique for the legs won't suit the armpits, or the usual wax you prefer might be too harsh for a client with overly sensitive skin. For this reason, professional estheticians must prepare themselves with a collection of soft body waxes, hard body waxes, pre-waxing oils, and post-waxing creams to welcome all kinds of clients and treat them with the products and techniques that would work the best on their skin. Pain always makes potential waxing clients think twice before finally deciding to book an appointment for a treatment. But, how much does waxing really hurt? Here are the most sensitive areas and the best products and techniques to wax them.

  • The bikini line Even if a bikini wax only removes hair from the outer part of the panty line, it is still a painful treatment and must be carried out with care. A therapist's best choice for this area is hard wax, also known as non-strip wax because it can be pulled off without any kind of muslin strip, just by hand or the help of a wooden spatula. Hard wax is thicker than hot wax and hardens once applied on the skin, reducing direct contact with the skin and grabbing the hair at the same time. The less skin contact, the less the pain. On the other hand, soft waxes made for sensitive skin might also work for more experienced clients who want to benefit from the exfoliating effect of these types of waxes. Studies have proven that fear and anxiety increase pain. This is an important fact to acknowledge for first-time clients. Most women choose a bikini wax before a Brazilian to test their pain tolerance and decide afterward if their body is willing to withstand a more invasive procedure. Finding ways to ease the pain is crucial to keep the clients coming back—put on relaxing music, apply calming products, and use quality waxes to provide fast yet effective sessions.
  • Intimate area, for both men and women While a bikini wax only removes hair from the upper leg and inner thigh—enough for swimsuit season— A Brazilian wax will leave women and men without almost any hair in their intimate areas, both front and back. This includes the labia for the women and the scrotum for men. Because hair grows in different directions around these areas, some estheticians advise the use of hard wax since it does not need a cloth strip to be removed, therefore it will be easier for the esthetician to work.

    Nowadays, you will find a plethora of hard and soft waxes that claim to be effective for intimate waxing. Your skill and experience will tell you what works best for you; if you feel you can work with soft wax for Brazilians without a problem, there is nothing wrong with it. However, our advice is to stick with hard wax, especially if you lack years of experience. As a hard wax technique tip, start at the lower sections of hair and work your way up. It's easiest to work section by section to avoid going over the same area repeatedly.

  • Eyebrow waxing might be the most popular service for the face, but a lot of clients often turn to professionals to get their cheeks, upper lip, and chin waxed too. Not every therapist offers these procedures though—facial skin is highly sensitive and bad results are impossible to hide, so diligence and skill are key. As we stated in a previous blog post about how to wax the chin and the cheeks, hard wax should be your first choice to prevent hair from re-growing in different directions. Also, hard wax won't irritate the skin like soft waxes might.

Pain feels different for everybody. You'll eventually have clients that won't even wink while having their eyebrows done or during a Brazilian. Other clients who lack pain tolerance might not even withstand the use of hard wax or sugaring paste. The more personalized you can be with each client you treat, the better your results. According to science, the forehead and the fingertips are the areas most sensitive to pain in the human body. Luckily, we do not need to wax them. Shins, toes, and face are, however, highly sensitive as well and to be waxed properly, the esthetician must use professional waxes specially made to treat these areas. Hard waxes might seem tricky to use at first if you're not familiar with the method, but once mastered, they will be extremely useful. Some estheticians actually prefer to use hard wax for every service they offer. 

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