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5 Items Every Woman Should Always Carry in Her Purse

September 02, 2016

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A Girl Looking For Waxing Accessories Inside Her PurseThere's nothing more fun than picking up a new purse to go with you everywhere and, what's better, to match it with your latest outfit and be spotted by your friends at a party or social. Sure you have several in your closet, each with a different color and destined for different occasions, like for going to your workplace, university or just to walk around.

However, purses are not only a clothing accessory, they have a greater use. They are useful for carrying items that are necessary, such as card holders, money, makeup, and even medicine. One of the reasons why they also come in various sizes is to adapt to the necessities of every woman's daily life. If you are a woman who usually goes out with a purse, then you know what we are talking about.

There are probably certain items that you never take out of your purse, because it is convenient, allowing you to always keep them at hand. We polled our team on the top items that no woman should be without. Now, Beauty Image wants to share that list with you. Our selection is based on the usefulness of such objects for beauty and the demanding activities of everyday life. Out of all the things that a woman uses every day, we recommend you to always keep the following items with you:

  • Hand sanitizer: This item is highly necessary, since many activities you do every day involve touching objects that are exposed to environmental pollutants and touched by other people's hands. No one knows what those hands might have touched, so in order to prevent the transmission of harmful germs and bacteria, it is good to sanitize your hands several times a day. That it is why hand sanitizers are so useful. By applying a few drops on your hands, you can kill any bacteria you may have been exposed to after grabbing a cart in the grocery store or counting your money.

  • Makeup: For modern business women or fashion lovers, cosmetics are very important. If you put makeup on before leaving home, you also know that you might need to retouch it later, especially if you live in a place with hot and humid weather, which tends to make you sweat, causing your makeup to fade away. So, you will probably have to apply a little more during the day.
    Also, after you eat and brush your teeth, you have to reapply a bit of lipstick, as the combination of oil and moisture can remove the color. Additionally, if you have different colors and types of lipstick, you can go from casual to fancy at any moment of the day. Also, powder is a makeup essential, because this type of cosmetic usually comes in a case that contains a mirror, allowing you to see your face when you are applying or retouching your makeup.

  • Healing ointment: It is recommended to always carry skin care products in your purse, such as moisturizer and healing ointment, since they have several purposes, including taking care of your hands and soothing dry skin on your elbows, face, knees, etc. Also, a healing ointment can protect minor cuts, scrapes, and burns, prevent fine lines, calm red skin, and more.

  • Battery case or portable charger: In today's technological world, it is very important to stay connected using a good smartphone. However, their battery always needs to be recharged, since after several hours of use, they start running out of power. Therefore, a charger is one of the first things you have to put in your purse, but instead of a common charger, you can carry a battery case or a portable charger. By having one of these in your purse, you don't have to deal with annoying cables, you don't need an outlet, and your battery can recharge inside your purse while you walk around.

  • Waxing Accessories That you Need for Waxing Procedures and Items That Every Woman Should Carry in Her Purse
  • Roll-on perfume: Many people think that wearing perfume not only provides them with a good smell, but also makes them feel more sophisticated. Either way, keeping a roll-on of your favorite perfume in your purse is good for when you want to apply a little bit more during the day. In this case, roll-ons are better than bottles because they're small and convenient.
Now that you have read this list, we hope you take it into consideration, as it can make your everyday activities easier, and, at the same time, you can do them with style. Who says that you can't do everyday tasks with a touch of glamour?

At Beauty Image we care about health and beauty. Therefore, we promote the practice of healthy waxing procedures performed by spas or esthetics' experts, so your skin can continue looking radiant and smooth. If you would like more information about our waxing products, you can call us at TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 toll free or find us on Facebook at Beauty Image. Also, you can follow us on Instagram @BeautyImageUSA.
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