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Vegan Hard Wax

Vegan Hard WaxLooking for vegan hard wax for your salon? You can get high-quality vegan waxes through Beauty Image USA. We're pioneers in the creation of effective, innovative wax formulas, including the best vegan hard wax in the hair removal industry.

Traditionally, vegan hard wax forgoes most chemical ingredients in regular waxes and replaces them with a combination of fruit, vegetal, and mineral ingredients, along with a number of nourishing properties that work wonders on the skin beyond their hair removal action. The most notable change vegan hard wax has in relation to other formats is that it remains effective without using beeswax in its formula. Soy wax, sunflower wax, and candelilla wax are among the most common alternatives to replace beeswax. When properly developed and tested, vegan hard wax remains just as effective in nearly all parts of the body.
Beauty Image USA infuses the best natural properties into each new version of our vegan hard wax. From lotus flower extract to tamanu oil, our vegan hard wax is unique and versatile, simplifying waxing practices in all parts of the market. You can look through our catalog and choose from the best formula to match your salon's needs. And, if you have questions about our vegan hard wax, remember that our specialists are always ready to give you all the assistance you may need.

Professional Vegan Hard Waxes

At Beauty Image USA, we pride ourselves in providing all the variety estheticians could ask for. Our waxes meet all the criteria set by high-end salons, and our vegan hard wax is far from the exception. Combining the most exclusive natural ingredients, Beauty Image's vegan hard wax gets rid of unwanted body hair without depriving clients of a pleasant salon experience. Professional hard wax is expected to enhance advantages like flexibility and heating temperature. As such, our professional vegan hard wax has a low melting point, a pleasant creamy texture, and enough versatility to make wax treatments more effective.

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If you want to add variety to your hair removal services, our vegan hard wax is your best bet to make your business more accessible for people with sensitive skins. We are always ready to assist you with all the information you need, so feel free to call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form to learn about our products and deals. Beauty Image USA has the best options when it comes to vegan hard wax, so you can make your hair removal services stand out with the best products to match your skills.
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