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Paraffin has been used for therapeutic and cosmetic reasons for decades. Paraffin therapy is an easy way to help improve extreme dryness, cracked hands/feet, calluses, and other problems related to poor skin hydration. High-quality paraffin is melted in special devices and hands, feet, or other body parts can be dipped or covered in a paraffin film that stays on the skin for a short period of time to prevent trans-epidermal water loss. Paraffin baths have a deeply hydrating effect and leave the skin soft, silky, and protected from intense drying by external agents. Paraffin is also great for lipolytic treatments since it helps eliminate skin toxins.

Paraffin baths are a perfect extra service for any salon or spa. Paraffin is an ideal complement in specific treatments, as the heat effect improves blood circulation, thus achieving better absorption of any active ingredients applied thereafter.

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