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Beauty Image USA Launches the Luxurious Luxe Detox Line

The line contains a variety of products infused with Activated Charcoal and Caviar

March 01, 2018

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Luxe Detox Line
Beauty Image is proud to present Luxe Detox, its brand-new line of luxury depilation products. CEMSA, their Barcelona-based main office released it earlier —in January this year— with great success. Luxe Detox, as its name indicates, aims to be a complete treatment to detoxify and renovate the skin with every depilation. This is possible thanks to the cleansing properties of the two active ingredients of the Luxe Detox line: activated charcoal and caviar. Activated charcoal has remarkable absorption properties: this medicinal coal obtained from bamboo and coconut shells attracts toxins from the skin, leaving it clean and bright, and unifying its color. Caviar extract, is another beneficial ingredient for the skin since it contains proteins, amino acids, and vitamins, offering protection, hydration, and reparation to the skin. This luxurious extract is obtained from sturgeon roe after careful laboratory procedures.

"Estheticians know that the best way to stand out in their field is offering something that goes beyond a waxing procedure, a whole waxing experience, so we designed Luxe Detox with a luxurious spa treatment in mind, that is why we included a variety of products that make up for a complete pampering experience. With the Luxe Detox line the client does not only get unwanted hair removed, but also gets their skin beautified and their senses pampered at the same time. The choice of ingredients was intended to evoke luxury and well-being: Activated charcoal has come to be highly valuable for its effectiveness as a deep cleansing agent for the skin, and caviar is a luxury that few can afford, so it represents a treat. They are definitely a state-making combination.", said Adriana Mendez, Beauty Image's CEO. "We love bringing new proposals to the industry and keeping our products new and interesting while giving our clients the quality they're used to. We are delighted to bring this line to the US and make it available for our loyal American customers.", she added.

One of the key features of the Luxe Detox line is that it has a wide range of products for a full skin treatment. Two of the most important items in this line are Beauty Image's signature products, hard and soft body wax. Luxe Detox Micropearls is a low-melting hard wax that provides a clean waxing with easier and faster melting and application. Bi Luxe Detox Roll Wax is a soft wax roll-on for all skin types, with similar benefits to the Micropearls. Both of these waxes are highly effective on a range of body areas, leave the skin nourished after application, and have a delicate, allergen-free fragrance.

A very special product in the Luxe Detox line, the Hot Oil Massage Candle, is especially intended to be a treat for special occasions. This soft oil for relaxing massage comes in a beautiful and convenient candle package. The candle is lit until the oil is melted completely, then it is ready to be applied for massage, mainly on back, arms, and shoulders. Hot Oil Massage Candle provides a comfy experience of well-being, and it is a great option that does not only ease up tensions but also moisturizes the skin, leaving it soft, shiny, and fragrant.

The Luxe Detox Sherbet is a post-depilatory lotion with a light texture, so it is easily absorbed as it touches the skin. It contains microspheres with vitamins A and E, and caviar extract. The delightful texture of this sherbet gives the skin an immediate sensation of hydration and freshness.

Luxe Detox Fango is the perfect complement for the Luxe Detox line. It is ideal for non-invasive detoxifying, anticellulite and firming treatments. It generates heat and induces sweat (sauna effect), thanks to activated charcoal. The result is elimination of toxins from the skin and the reduction of centimeters. The area where Luxe Detox Fango has been applied has to be wrapped, this is to potentiate the detoxifying and heating properties of the product.

With the range of products that Luxe Detox showcases, it is bound to become a top choice for estheticians who are looking for a new way to pamper their clients with an indulgent waxing experience.

This new line of products is Beauty Image's exclusive. Those interested in getting more information about this new line of hair removal waxes and other Beauty Image products can call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815, or visit

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