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Beauty Image Offers Radiant, Beautiful Skin this Holiday Season with New Soft Wax Smoothies

December 10, 2014

smoothies-waxBeauty Image, the world leader in hair removal waxes, adds two new products to its line of waxes this holiday season: Coconut and Strawberry Soft Wax Smoothies. Christmas season, the season of giving, is right around the corner, and what better gift than a smoothie wax that is sure to make any woman's skin smooth and radiant, while also boosting her confidence and mood?

Beauty Image is aware of the important role that waxing plays in every woman's personal hygiene and beauty regime. It's the company's secret to the smooth, radiant skin that men fall in love with. However, hair removal is also every woman's worst nightmare because of the discomfort it brings (e.g. pain, ingrown hairs, and cuts.) Fortunately, Beauty Image, the leader in hair removal waxes and waxing systems, has developed a new line of waxes uniquely designed for an enhanced, less painful waxing experience for even the most sensitive skin. Beauty Image's new Soft Wax product line comes in two delicious scents: Strawberry Smoothie and Coconut Smoothie.

Waxing procedures are known for being uncomfortable. Hair being pulled out of soft, sensitive skin can be very painful and can cause ingrown hairs and rashes. Beauty Image's new line of Smoothie waxes, with delicious strawberry and coconut fragrances, are designed to illuminate, soften and moisturize the skin, while also giving it a calm and comforting sensation that is hard to resist.

Beauty Image's new Smoothie waxes are ideal for every skin type and body zone, even for those ultra-sensitive areas. The combination of natural ingredients in Beauty Image's new products allows for safe removal of unwanted hair, while simultaneously leaving skin soft and radiant. Like all Beauty Image products, the new line is notable for being hygienic, practical and easy to use, and it comes in two luscious fragrances and colors. Beauty Image's new Soft Wax Smoothie line is the key to a waxing experience that will leave sensitive skin feeling smooth and beautiful, without the pain of normal waxing procedures.

For smooth, radiant skin, visit to check out all of Beauty Image's unique line of Smoothie waxes. If you want to boost your confidence and be the center of attention this Christmas, call 888-513-8815 today!

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