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Hot Wax Supplies

Professional Hard Wax WholesaleAre you looking for hot wax supplies? Beauty Image USA has the best formulas and all the hot wax supplies you need to stock your salon. From soft to hard waxes, and all the appliances you need before and after a treatment, you'll get it all in one place.

Hot wax supplies are meant to adapt to all the requirements of hot waxes, particularly when it comes to the right temperature to ensure a safe treatment. Hot waxes have been esthetician's primary option for a long time, and they have evolved to enhance all their skin care benefits. They deliver amazing results, specially when removing coarse hair, but they also require a lot of attention to detail.

To make the best of your hot waxes, you need the best hot wax supplies to help you along the way. Beauty Image USA offers spatulas, waxing strips, wax heaters, and many other essential hot wax supplies. Each and every product in our catalog follows the highest quality standards; our wax formulas are the result of a thorough testing process, and our hot wax supplies are sure to enhance workability during every stage of a treatment.

We also take into account all the risks that come with using hot waxes. Our hot wax supplies help you reach the perfect wax temperatures without risking burns or irritation. Beyond this, you should also keep in mind the contraindications that limit the use of hot waxes on certain clients. All in all, our hot wax supplies are the best asset for certified estheticians to test their skills and expand their businesses.

Best Hot Waxing Supplier

Beauty Image provides variety and the highest quality when it comes to hot wax supplies. We meet the standards expected from professional wax services and continue adding new products to our catalog. No matter the size of your salon or spa, our online store has what you're looking for, whether you want hot wax supplies or any other accessory for your treatments.

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If you're interested in our hot wax supplies, don't hesitate to contact Beauty Image USA. We have the most durable accessories to complement your high-quality waxes through all types of hair removal treatments. Call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form and we'll help you secure the best hot wax supplies in the hair removal industry. Beauty Image has everything you need.
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